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Mayor Larry Solomon

Union approves Diwali celebration

Diwali, a five-day Hindu, Sikh and Jain religious festival of lights, is making an early appearance in Union this year. More than 1 billion...

Union earns clean financial audit, report finds

The city of Union received a clean bill of health on its annual financial audit, according to a report presented by a certified public accountant during Monday’s Union City caucus meeting.

Union to kick off 4th of July festivities early

The City of Union is getting patriotic with a parade and festival, but it means some roads will be closed for a short time on June 24.

Union announces plans for new city building, town center

Union Mayor Larry Solomon announced that 22 acres have been purchased for a new city building, park, retail and residential space.

Union commissioners, mayor agree on $100 monthly pay raise

Mayor Larry Solomon brought before the commissioners a proposal to increase the city’s pay scale for elected officials. He said it was a pressing need to decide whether they would change the ordinance, given the deadline to do so is in two weeks. 

Union awards bids for city-wide road repairs

A bid for $262,000 was awarded to Riegler Blacktop for the first phase of a city-wide resurfacing project in Union.  The bid is part of...

Union sends $100k in American Rescue Plan funds to Children’s Home

The Union City Commission is sending $100,000 of American Rescue Plan Act funding to the Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky Behavioral Health.  Mayor Larry Solomon...

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