Our Mission

Mission: With a focus on the public interest, LINK Media advances the Northern Kentucky Metro in the region, the commonwealth and the nation by providing transformative coverage of the news of the day with focus on the deeper issues that matter most to our community.

Guiding Principles



We don’t just report the news of the day. We dig deeper, informing our audience about how our community might solve its biggest issues.

Unapologetic NKY Fans

We believe in this community—in what it is today, and what it has the potential to become. We want to see this community advance, and we understand the part that we play in that advancement.


We explore the issues that affect all of Northern Kentucky, and give a voice to all segments of our diverse community.

Good Stewards

It is our responsibility to make good use of our resources and to maintain a sustainable business model, so that we may serve the community long into the future.


The publication does not make endorsements, and has a commitment to fact-based reporting about the issues that are facing Northern Kentucky. In addition to our reporting, outside opinions from multiple viewpoints will be sought, and clearly marked as such, in order to provide the robust debate that our community needs to make critical decisions about our collective future.