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Newport is a melting pot of cultures with restaurants and bars that highlight the heritage of many Northern Kentuckians. Come with us to Newport for German and Italian cuisine and entertainment. 


Hofbrauhaus has been giving NKY quality German cuisine and beer for 20 years now, and has rightfully become a community staple. Servers are dressed in traditional lederhosen while carrying as many as a dozen beer steins at once. Unlike most restaurants, with individual tables for each party, Hofbrauhaus has  long tables and benches, reminiscent of an old-style beer hall in Germany. 

The setup encourages conversation and connection with other diners. In the warmer months, Hofbrauhaus has a large bier garten that is always packed, so those who want a seat may consider arriving early. It’s a boisterous, exciting environment with live music from groups that match the theme and tradition of the German-style restaurant. 

When it comes to the food, they serve authentic German cuisine through and through. Those who can’t decide on a dish can get a sampler of appetizers, ranging from fried pickles to Bavarian pretzels to tie the group over until the wurst or schnitzel arrives. 

Bourbon House Pizza

For those with a deep dish pizza craving, there’s no need to trek to Chicago when Bourbon House Pizza is right on Third Street. 

Pizza is always a crowd favorite. The simplicity of sauce, cheese and toppings can please even the pickiest eaters. What sets Bourbon House Pizza apart from other pizzerias is what they do with those simple ingredients. They have three additional crust options: vegan, cauliflower and gluten free, so everyone can have pizza regardless of their diet. 

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Regulars to Bourbon House Pizza may have heard the hype about the ranch dressing. It’s so well-liked that the menu has a pizza  for ranch lovers that contains “no pizza sauce, just ranch dressing, chicken, onion and bacon.” 

Bourbon House Pizza’s in-house ranch is also for sale to take home. 

Those desiring a classic pizza can find it in the BH Supreme. With ricotta, mozzarella, sauce and the choice of three toppings, it’s an easily customizable pizza. 

For the rare guest who doesn’t want a slice of pie, Bourbon House also serves salads, hoagies, calzones and pastas along with an appetizer menu with over a dozen options. 


Walking into a traditional bowling alley usually evokes memories of the faint smell of cigarettes and plastic rental shoes. Many bowling alleys have yet to adapt to a more modern feel, and that old style bowling alley just isn’t as enticing to visit anymore. Rotolo makes guests forget everything they know about bowling alleys in the past. 

Their website breaks down what rotolo means. In Italian, it means “to roll” but it’s commonly used to “describe the sensation of finding something so funny, so enjoyable, that you are rolling on the floor, laughing.”

Rotolo strives to be less of an eatery, and more of an entertainment destination for the evening. Bowling is the main event, but they offer a range of games including bocce, a traditional Italian game that resembles bowling, and a variety of arcade games. 

This boutique bowling alley will make you forget about the simple beer bottles and canned nacho cheese served at the bowling alleys of yesteryear. The atmosphere is closer to a cocktail lounge than that of a rental show and cigarette-laden bowling alley. 

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Their food and drink offerings stick with the Italian fare, with choices of bruschetta, risotto balls, and a bellini to make guests feel like they’re on an Italian holiday.

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