Suspicious package detonated near Covington church

Mark Payne
Mark Payne
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The Covington Police received a report of a suspicious package outside Latonia Baptist Church on Monday. To exercise caution, they called in the City of Cincinnati’s bomb squad to detonate the package, which was found just to be a suitcase of clothing.

Lt. Col. Justin Wietholter, the assistant chief of police, said they received a call about a suspicious package by the church. Upon arrival, they located the package and decided to contact the fire department, and the fire department decided to contact emergency management, just to be overly cautious.

They also blocked off the area to be safe, as Holy Cross Elementary and High School are just around the corner.

“Due to the nature of the unattended package, they contacted Cincinnati’s Bomb Squad, they were able to locate the package, and then they utilized a water charge to open the package,” Wietholter said.

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