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This article is written and provided by Antenna Hero.

With the rising costs of gas, food and other basics, people are looking for ways to trim their budgets. Many are taking a closer look at their cable or satellite TV bills and wondering, is pay TV worth it? 

The answer appears to be “no.” Some 55.1 percent of US consumers will have “cut the cord” by the end of 2022, according to Techjury.net and other industry watchdogs. While streaming services are an option, they are still not free, and they may not offer access to the local sports and news coverage people want. 

Ready to cut the cord? Rediscover how to get your local channels for free.

Before cable, television was broadcast free into our homes over the airwaves and through an antenna on our roof aimed at nearby broadcast towers. The selection was limited to the “big three” networks (ABC, NBC and CBS) and their local affiliates, as well as PBS. Reception could be fuzzy at times, and if you weren’t seated in front of the television at the right time, you’d miss your show.

Today, those networks are still broadcasting, along with Fox, the CW and more, but the quality and quantity of programming has improved dramatically, said J.B. Kropp of Antenna Hero. 

“Over-the-air TV today provides superior high- definition picture quality and, in our area, offers up to 65 channels — and it’s free to anyone with an antenna. Broadcast companies are required by federal law to provide free broadcast TV,” he said.

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Antenna Hero offers professional antenna installation in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. According to a savings calculator on their website, if you are paying $110 a month for cable, in the first year after installation, you could save more than $900. In five years after switching, you can save more than $6,000.

Get up to 65 channels free when you cut the cord and make the switch to over-the-air tv. Antenna Hero offers professional antenna installation and set up in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. Artwork provided by Antenna Hero.

What about the quality?

“Unlike the analog broadcast TV of old, today’s over-the-air stations are digital,” explained Kropp. “Digital signals are not subject to the interference that once plagued analog broadcast. With digital TV, the picture is high definition and audio is clear. Also, the digital signal requires less bandwidth, allowing stations to broadcast many more channels over the same airwaves. 

In fact, over-the-air broadcast can actually provide a higher quality signal than cable,” he said. “Over-the-air channels deliver an uncompressed HD picture compared to cable companies, who often compress their signals to conserve bandwidth.  This means that you get a higher quality picture when watching the main networks – NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX. There is no need for satellite, cable or monthly fees with OTA.” 

A television and a digital antenna

Kropp said switching to free over-the-air TV is straightforward. “All you need is a TV and a digital antenna. It’s a great way to cut the cord with pricey cable companies. Get your local and national news and weather, watch nationally televised sports, and more on your favorite local stations. In the age of cable, digital TV, artificial intelligence and self-driving cars, OTA has remained steadfast and widely available… for good reason,” he said.

Most people in our area live within 40 miles of local broadcast towers. Those living further from towers may require a stronger antenna. Antenna Hero installers will come out and suggest the best equipment for the job.

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The company recommends outside antennas to get the best quality reception. 

“While indoor antennas can work for some locations, typically you need the antenna to be in the exact right location in the house and need to be within 150 miles of all the towers. Even with a perfect indoor setup, you may experience drops in signal due to the weather or other things blocking the signal. A professionally installed outdoor antenna prevents most all of these problems and ensures you have the best possible reception, get the most channels and have the best quality,” Kropp said.

“Outdoor antennas are the ideal option to ensure a strong, uninterrupted signal. They are often mounted in a high location, avoiding obstructions from trees or neighboring buildings. If roof access isn’t available, they can be mounted from the ground using a pole.” 

Antenna Hero partners with Televes, the leading antenna manufacturer in the world, to provide a compact design and a clear and powerful signal. Photo provided by Antenna Hero.

What about recording?

One advantage of cable has been the ability to record programs and watch them at your leisure. Antenna Hero partners with Tablo to provide customers with access to next-generation DVRs. The device connects to your home’s router and uses Wifi or ethernet to stream live and recorded over-the-air TV. Tablo apps can be installed on a wide variety of internet-connected devices inside and outside your home. 

Because Tablo broadcasts wirelessly, you can watch your recorded programs on any smart tvTV, tablet, smart phone or computer. You can even watch remotely on your phone through the Tablo app.

Making the switch

Antenna Hero has a team of professional installers who will assess your needs and suggest the best antenna for the job. They will then ensure the best placement of that antenna to get all the channels you want, and help you program you TV once the installation is complete. Antenna Hero guarantees all of their work.  

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“The best part of this is there are no monthly charges to watch over-the-air tvTV,” said Kropp. “Most people can pay back the one-time cost of installation within three or four months as you are no longer paying $100+  a month for a cable subscription.  After that, it’s all about saving lots of money!”

Visit AntennaHero.com to schedule your installation.

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