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This article was written by Steve Kaiser.

When Brent Dean and Charlie Dieruf teamed up to lay the foundation of Bally Logistics in 2021, they didn’t expect the company would generate the success they have achieved at the end of the fiscal year. At this stage, the company’s initial trajectory is heading upwards. Bally Logistics is ready to achieve its sophomore year target of 50 employees and explosive growth. In addition, financial data paints an optimistic picture and affirms a bright future for the company.

From the perspective of clients, it is not easy for most companies to depend on reliable trucking. “Companies simply refused to show up,” said Charlie Dieruf. “When you reach out to trucking companies a few hours ahead, only then they’re available and inform that there are no issues and the truck is on its way.” continued Dieruf, CFO and co-founder of Bally Logistics.

In 2017, Brent Dean and Charlie Dieruf met for the first time and realized sooner or later that they would start a new business. In terms of work experience, Dieruf has been part of corporate finance, whereas Dean rendered services in the transportation industry. With the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Dean and Dieruf understood the gravity of the opportunity and teamed up to create Bally Logistics.

Charlie Dieruf and Brent Dean at the Bally Logistics office. Photo provided by Bally Logistics.

Between Dean and Dieruf, there was a mutual belief and shared understanding to undertake a variety of responsibilities for Bally Logistics. For instance, Dieruf understood right from the start that Dean understands the complex aspects of the industry and would play an essential role in ensuring future success. Similarly, Dean understood that Dieruf has had years of experience in corporate finance and can steer the company in the corporate direction and drive long-term growth.

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“In the early stages of the company, it took a relentless approach to remain active 24/7,” notes Dieruf, the CFO of Bally Logistics. The Florence-based third-party freight logistics company is ready to offer more than 25 jobs by the end of the year. “The truth is that we take turns taking phone calls on weekends. We also work the entire week to provide seamless transportation services to our clients across the United States,” said Dieruf.

As a third-party freight logistics firm, Bally Logistics pays close attention to each client’s unique needs. In fact, Bally Logistics facilitates freight clients and trucks that are managed by over 55,000 companies. At Bally Logistics, when they’re not tracking a cross-country load or looking for a driver to haul goods from Florida to New Jersey, they make cold calls to find leads and get new clients. It is a practical and effective way to bring in more commissions based on wages that range from $65,000 to $100,000 for result-oriented employees.

“Oftentimes, the simple solution is the best solution.” highlights Dean, co-founder of Bally Logistics. In one instance, Dean elaborates that one of the company’s top accounts came when an associate checked the protein bar he was eating and then inquired if we could handle their specific freight needs. In logistics, chance often creeps in to propel clients towards Bally Logistics. But since the inception of the company, more and more entities have started to acquire the Florence-based freight logistics firm’s services.

Many companies now embrace and praise Bally Logistics’ services. And part of it has to do with the fact that most companies don’t see hauling goods as a core service competency. One of the hallmark elements of Bally Logistics is that it believes in highly efficient and effective logistics operations. “We’re living in the age of specialists – the better you are in a specialized field like logistics – the more efficient services you can render to a diverse range of clients,” said Dean.

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Unlike the contemporary logistics marketplace, Bally Logistics offers services in a recession-proof niche. Whether the economic outlook is bright or spirals out of control and forces customers to stop going out to restaurants, freight moves to grocery stores – freight load services like Bally Logistics leverage from both economic conditions.

In a short period, Bally Logistics has achieved swift growth. Dean and Dieruf believe that the company is heading in the right direction and will see unprecedented growth in the coming years. In a broad sense, Dean is aware of the fact that the US trucking industry is worth over $750 billion.

While Dean and Dieruf run Bally Logistics in a 3500 square feet office, they plan to expand to 15,000 square feet by Q1 2023. On the surface, limited cross-country shipping and trucking operations may not seem like much. But for college graduates Dean and Dieruf, it is a dawn of a new era, and Bally Logistics is ready to welcome new hires to accelerate expansion and drive more growth.

Currently, employees at Bally Logistics are nurses, real estate agents, bartenders, teachers and others who chose to make a career change. Dean states that our staff knows how to sustain productivity and drive more innovation to stand out in the competitive logistics space.

At Bally Logistics, the most productive and problem-solving employees get big rewards. The company has set up a training program of 2-3 months for entry-level sales positions and other new hires. Dean notes that the average salary for a 2nd-year worker is $87,000. In the 3rd and 4th years, the employee’s average pay hits $112,000 and $147,000. Dean, however, acknowledges that high-pressure and deadline-sensitive logistics jobs are not for everyone. Still, employees learn to thrive and evolve. And these jobs are ideal for individuals who want to escape the traditional 9 to 5 routine. In retrospect, Dean highlights that Bally Logistics’ employees have the self-discipline and goal-oriented approach to help the company achieve its objectives.

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