Crestview Hills Town Center welcomes Painted Tree Boutiques

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Crestview Hills Town Center has seen various changes over the past few months since the closing of the retail store Bed Bath & Beyond. The shopping center has introduced five new tenants since the major relator’s bankruptcy and the closing of the store within the center.

Despite these new additions, the space has continued to sit unused. Now, however, there is a store to take its place: Painted Tree Boutiques.

Painted Tree Boutiques isn’t just a regular retail store but rather a space for small businesses to sell their work as well. This shop hosts vendors, each selling unique items like home decor, gifts and boutique clothing. There are over 30 current locations, the closest on Montgomery Road in Cincinnati.

“We do a craft fair every year with our local artisans and vendors and we are inundated every year with creative people in our community who want to sell their crafts,” said Christine Berger, property manager of Crestview Hills Town Center.

Berger hopes that adding Painted Tree Boutiques will give these people “the opportunity to be involved in something creative here all year round.”

Construction is planned to start within the next two to three weeks with hopes of opening the store towards the end of December.

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