Rabbit Hash Mayoral Race Underway – and Incumbent Dog Faces Big Challenge


Rabbit Hash Mayor Brynneth Pawltrow hopes to win another four-year term.

The pit bull has overseen the rebuilding and reopening of the Boone County river town’s famed Rabbit Hash General Store, which was destroyed in a fire. Additionally, Brynn said that she has advocated for animal rescue organizations and shelters across the region.

Mayoral elections in Rabbit Hash are the biggest fundraisers for the Rabbit Hash Historical Society, a nonprofit that preserves and keeps up the unincorporated river town’s bucolic, inviting atmosphere.

The election is claimed to be the most honest in the country, because cash for votes is very transparent here.

Some well-known former dog-mayors of Rabbit Hash include Lucy Lou, Junior, and Goofy, claimed to be the only elected public official in American history to have been euthanized.

Mayor Brynn faces competition from other candidates this year and is currently well behind in the fifteen-animal field.

All it takes to run for mayor of Rabbit Hash is a dollar and all it takes to win the election is to have the most money. Former Mayor Lucy Lou was once quoted as saying, “I bought this election fair and square.”

Unlike the national election, this one isn’t concerned with you voting too many times or in too many formats. The candidates will gladly accept your votes through:

  • Givebutter.com (https://givebutter.com/RHHS) which accepts Venmo, PayPal, and credit

  • Venmo directly to RHHS treasurer Stacy ([email protected])

  • In-person at the businesses in Rabbit Hash: the Rabbit Hash General tore, Gunpowder Creek Winery, and Folksiders

  • Check to RHHS mailed to 11800 Big Bone Church Road, Union KY 41091

The deadline for votes and date of declaration/inauguration of the winner will be announced in the coming months.

-Staff report

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