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Lacy Starling
Lacy Starling
Lacy is the president and CEO of LINK nky. Email her at [email protected]

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Inside LINK is a weekly column from our CEO, Lacy Starling. If you have questions you’d like Lacy to answer, email her at [email protected].

This week, LINK caused a stir in our Covington neighborhood. Such a stir, in fact, that city officials were stopping in our office, asking what was going on.

Overnight, a “For Lease” sign popped up in our front window, leading people to wonder if this experiment in local news had failed already, and if we were going to fire-sale all our IKEA furniture.

(Honestly, some people were probably hoping that was the case, because they are either huge fans of second-hand IKEA furniture, or not huge fans of ours.)

Well, I’m here to tell you that we are not, in fact, going out of business. The opposite has happened – we’ve grown so much that we simply can’t fit in our 687-square-foot office anymore.

As cozy (and LOUD) as it is with nine people all stacked on top of each other, we’re adding at least four folks to our permanent, full-time staff, so we no longer fit. We’re not exactly sure where we’ll end up (negotiations are ongoing), but it will still be in Covington, and I’ll let you know our new address as soon as I can, so folks can continue to drop in and chat if they want to.

If you know someone who is looking for a lovely retail/office spot right in the heart of Covington, have them check out the listing for our space. It’s been a great home for us the past year, and for many years before that for the River City News.

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I also want to address our latest job posting, for a Boone County Reporter. I know that, as beloved as our Kaitlin Gebby is in Boone County, this is going to freak some people out. She’s done an amazing job bringing coverage to an area that was truly a news desert before.

But she’s so good, we had to promote her. Starting in October, Kaitlin will be our new Print Editor. She’ll be bringing her thoughtfulness, deep reporting ability, understanding of the area and incredible organizational and editing skills to a new role we’ve created to elevate our print product.

We are beyond excited about her ascension to this role, but we also know we need to find someone worthy to follow behind her as the Boone County Reporter. To that end, we’re searching for a great reporter. If you, or someone you love, wants to help us tell the story of the fastest-growing county in the NKY Metro (and one of the fastest-growing in the state), please have them apply.

Change is good, and in a startup, change is pretty much all you experience. I’m thrilled at how quickly we’ve grown, and how enthusiastically LINK has been greeted in NKY. The next few months will bring even more changes to our organization, all exciting. I’ll keep you updated in this space.

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