Covington Commission agrees to work with Tri-State Trails on bike plan

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Impassioned activists and supporters reiterated the importance of protected bike lanes one week after last Tuesday’s false start at the Covington caucus meeting.

“So if you all want to come back and talk to us at a legislative meeting,” Mayor Joe Meyer said last week, “we’re glad to have you do that. But just be mindful that on this trails agreement. We’re 100% in support of it.”

A willing commission approved the agreement Jan. 24 during their Legislative meeting at City Hall. The agreement with Tri-State Trails aims develop a bike transportation plan for the city. This agreement mimics the one the City of Newport has adopted, creating protected bike lanes in the city for riders and walkers alike.

Three members of the public spoke during the Legislative meeting.

“I’m here to basically strike a conciliatory and celebratory tone for what Mayor Meyer reminded all of us is effectively unanimous approval of the the adoption of a bike plan between Covington and Newport,” said Joe Humpert of Tri State Trails. “I miss riding bikes with my friend, and I hope that we can work to make the connections between our cities and all the river cities and across the region, safer and more viable for active transit.”

The friend in reference was Gloria San Miguel, a Roebling Point Books and Coffee employee who was killed in August 2022 in a hit-and-run accident while on her bike on the Girl Scout Bridge between Newport and Covington.

The meeting ended with an approval of the agreement to make a plan, to which the crowd clapped in support.

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