Dayton enters partnership with Enterprise for police vehicle replacements

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The city of Dayton will enter a partnership with Enterprise Fleet Management, authorizing the company to lease vehicles to the city and take charge of maintenance within the lease terms.

The partnership was announced by way of an order-resolution that passed with a unanimous vote at the Sept. 5 council meeting.

The city will spend up to $55,000 on repairs for police vehicles during this first year. The budget will be allocated to other public works vehicles in the following year, said Dayton City Administrator Jay Fossett.

Under the agreement, the city can also purchase the vehicles from Enterprise and resell them at a higher value. The vehicles might be kept in rotation for two to three years, depending on resale values, said Police Chief David Halfhill.

The motion came after Enterprise representative Jeremy Baldwin presented a five-year plan to replace Dayton’s vehicle fleet at their Aug. 1 meeting. Mayor Ben Baker said the partnership would be a quick and economical solution to the city’s vehicle issues.

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