Dayton considers replacing city vehicles through Enterprise partnership

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The city of Dayton is considering a partnership that would allow for the eventual replacement of 18 city vehicles.

The partnership, discussed at the Aug. 1 city council meeting, would be with Enterprise Fleet Management. It enables the company to oversee every aspect of a fleet, from purchase to maintenance to accident and risk management.

A group owns a fleet when it operates more than 15 vehicles or buys more than 10 vehicles in a year, according to Enterprise Fleet Management.

Enterprise representative Jeremy Baldwin outlined a five-year plan at the meeting to gradually replace Dayton’s 18 vehicles with an open-ended lease, starting with those at least 10 years old. The city’s fleet includes police cruisers and public works vehicles like dump trucks and snow plows.

Based on a profile analysis of Dayton’s fleet in terms of yearly maintenance and fuel costs, Baldwin offered to replace six vehicles that are currently costing the city the most money in 2023.

“Our job is kind of like stock: Buy that vehicle as cheap as we can, sell it for as much as we can,” Baldwin said, adding that the partnership can increase equity for the city through effective sales strategies, such as consultation as to the optimal time for reselling.

The lease would make Enterprise the titleholder for the vehicles for a minimum of 12 months. In place of leasing, Dayton also has the option to purchase the vehicles for just one dollar short of its original price from Enterprise — which would still entitle the company to the vehicle’s ownership — then remove the title after a year.

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Councilmembers expressed interest in the partnership, citing the benefits of more vehicles for employees and lowered maintenance costs. The council will present a recommendation authorizing Enterprise to start the program at next month’s meeting.

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