Union approves bid for 22-acre greenspace design plan

Douglas Clark
Douglas Clark
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Planning, urban design and landscape architecture firm MKSK is taking the lead in developing the new Union Town Center greenspace park area. 

The city commission approved the amended municipal order during its meeting Monday. This approval accepted MKSK’s $20,850 bid to prepare a master plan for the city’s 22-acre parcel at the intersection of U.S. Route 42 and Brilliance Avenue.

“We have a municipal order from MKSK, so with that, the proposal for the preliminary design plan for the greenspace, park area was approved last November at the former commission at that time and was $18,000,” Union City Administrator Amy Safran said. “It has gone up in price. We do have an amended municipal order I’m asking to get approved tonight so we can move forward with that proposal.”

A newly assembled Park Advisory Committee consisting of eight Union residents will join city officials and MKSK personnel for an introductory meeting on Nov. 28, Safran said. 

“So, just kick it off,” Safran said. “You really want to bring them up to speed on the survey results, what the goal of the committee is and for MKSK to really explain their role in the workshops and the meetings moving forward.”

The purpose of the committee is to provide input and direction to the commission about the design and development of the Union Town Center, according to the city’s website. 

“Excited about the meeting – that we have MKSK just kind of give their background, explain how they fit into the process and then hopefully start cutting our teeth on it,” Union Commissioner Jeremy Ramage said. 

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