Fort Mitchell donates unused police equipment to Williamsburg

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Fort Mitchell is taking a community-minded approach to the “reduce, reuse, recycle” slogan with one of city council’s latest decisions. In the process, they’re also helping another Kentucky city police department. 

This all started around when Fort Mitchell Police Chief Rob Nader was on vacation earlier this month and instructed his department to clean up the garage in his absence. While tidying, the officers found a large amount of police equipment that wasn’t in use. Some of this equipment was old and no longer compatible with the city’s current fleet of police vehicles, Nader said.

So, the Fort Mitchell Police Department thought of who they could help with this equipment surplus. 

“Our own Officer (Matt) Arlinghaus was in training recently with the Assistant Chief of Police of the Williamsburg Police Department, who said they were in need of any older or spare police vehicles and or equipment,” Chief Nader wrote in an email to LINK. “Officer Arlinghaus sent a list of our older equipment that was no longer in use, including a vehicle, and that we were going to surplus, and they responded back that they were in need of such items.”

According to Surplus Property Resolution 2023-12, which council passed unanimously during the July 17, 2023 council meeting, many valuable items were included on that list. Some of the equipment the Williamsburg Police Department will receive include multiple shotgun mounts, lights, a siren, lens covers, and even a 2012 Dodge Charger with installed police equipment. 

“This equipment is going to be useful to our department,” said Williamsburg Chief of Police Jason Caddell. “Law enforcement agencies across the Commonwealth operate on budgets. Sometimes these budgets allow for certain projects, but others may have to wait. This is an example of networking to accomplish budget goals.” 

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Apparently, exchanges like these are common among law enforcement agencies within Kentucky. More often than not, police departments try to help each other out. 

“Oftentimes when an agency updates their inventory, the used equipment can be useful to other agencies,” Caddell said. “Law enforcement officers network to help each other with budget issues as well as getting the most out of the life of the equipment.”

Fort Mitchell is proud to have taken part in this trend, Nader said. 

“This was an opportunity to assist a fellow Kentucky law enforcement agency, and our Mayor and City Council happily agreed to help them out,” Nader said. 

In kind, Williamsburg is thankful for the equipment that will help their continued service. 

“We want to extend our gratitude to the Fort Mitchell Police Department,” Caddell said. “Chief Nader and his staff have been amazing to work with, and Fort Mitchell Police Department is a very professional department which sets the example for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

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