‘Pretty special department in a pretty special city’: Fort Thomas promotes two firefighters

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The Fort Thomas Fire Department made two key promotions in September.

At a recent city council meeting, Fire Department Chief Chris Amon said it was a good day for the department, although it was also a bittersweet one due to Capt. Rick Daugherty’s retirement at the end of the month.

Lt. Kasey Carr will assume the captain’s position starting Oct. 1. Firefighter Sam Behrle has been promoted to lieutenant.

The chief said both participated in the department’s fire promotion testing earlier in the year and were at the top of the list for these positions.

He said he was very proud of the work both men have done, especially on the department’s successful Pre-Plan Program. Pre-incident planning has been an invaluable tool for fire service departments, Amon said. It allows emergency responders to anticipate resources and procedures to be needed for specific pieces of property.

Lt. Sam Behrle

Amon introduced Sam Behrle first.

“Sam Behrle started with the department in 2015,” Amon said. “He was assigned to my shift initially when I was working as a captain. He’s completed a lot of different tasks, anything we’ve ever asked of him.”

He noted Behrle took an active interest in the Pre-Plan Program.

“This is something I’ve worked for since I came here seven years ago,” Behrle said, after thanking city officials and the chief. “It has always been my goal to be an officer here. It’s a pretty special department in a pretty special city, which everyone here already knows.”

Behrle thanked his wife, Jamie, and the rest of his family, noting that firefighters’ schedules are not easy on home life. He has four young sons who were on hand to celebrate the promotion. Speaking of his wife, he said, “With four little ones here, Nolan, Tucker, Abel and Lincoln, she obviously has had her hands full when I’m gone on weekends and holidays … and I wouldn’t be here without her.”

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Capt. Kasey Carr

Capt. Kasey Carr with his wife, children, parents, siblings and extended family who came out to celebrate his accomplishment. Photo by Robin Gee | LINK nky contributor

“Kasey started in the department in 2004,” Amon said. “He has served on a lot of different shifts. I’ve worked with Kasey both as a firefighter and a lieutenant. He was promoted to lieutenant in 2015. He’s been hanging out for a captain’s position for a little while, and now one has opened up and he’s been able to do that.”

The chief also noted Carr’s help and leadership with the Pre-Plan Program.

“I can’t understate the importance of having the Pre-Plan Program in this city, and I’m happy to have these two gentlemen here who’ve worked on it,” he said.

Carr said it has been a pleasure to work in Fort Thomas for the last 18 years.

“We’ve loved it so much we moved our family into the city,” Carr said. “We realized how great it was. We have no plans to go anywhere. We hope we can make it better with these promotions and keep moving forward.”

He introduced his family on hand for the celebration, including his sisters, parents, wife, Esther, and their children, Scarlet, Addison and Dylan.

“We’re happy to be embedded in this community,” he said. “I’ll do the best I can to make everyone in the city proud of our department and keep the communication going between us and the city. Thank you very much.”

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