Clerk sending postcards of Election Day info to Boone County residents

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The Boone County Clerk’s Office is sending postcards to all registered Boone County voters ahead of the 2022 General Election.

November’s Election Day will mark the first general election held without special COVID-19 measures since the start of the pandemic. Boone County Clerk Justin Crigler recalled the super precinct needed in the 2020 Primary Election, and how absentee voting and other measures have changed since the pandemic. Given the two proposed Kentucky constitutional amendments on the ballot this November, Crigler said their office is sending postcards to inform them of the process and ensure maximum participation.

With over 50 available polling locations, Communications and Community Affairs Manager Chris Courtney said this year’s election is almost back to pre-COVID conditions, and they are expecting a large turnout of voters over the “No Right To Abortion” constitutional amendment on the ballot.

The front of the Boone County voter postcards being mailed out ahead of the 2022 General Election. Photo provided | Boone County Clerk’s Office

Each postcard contains personalized information for each registered voter on where and when to vote. It also includes information on the four different methods of voting available.

The back of the voter postcards being mailed out ahead of the 2022 General Election. Photo provided | Boone County Clerk’s Office

Out of more than 132,300 Boone County residents, 114,000 are registered to vote, though Crigler said that number is likely outdated due to residents who have moved. He is hopeful that these postcards will also help the clerk’s office update its voter roll.

“If you have five registered voters in one household, you are getting five postcards,” Courtney said. “They are specific to the voter, so there’s no confusion about no-excuse voting, early voting, voting by mail and on Election Day.”

Crigler hopes to continue sending voter postcards for future elections and said the cards will help limit confusion on Nov. 8.

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“Election expenses go through the fiscal court, and the postcards are a large expenditure that cost upward of $55,000, but I thought it was important for all our citizens to have this information,” Crigler said.

The Boone County Fiscal Court recently approved more than $53,750 for the clerk’s office to use toward the design, printing, and distribution of voter postcards.

As the fourth-largest county by population in the Commonwealth, Crigler said it’s the voters’ responsibility to update their address through the State Board of Elections website to avoid mailing mistakes.

He said even if voters have neglected to update their previous address, Boone County voters will still be permitted to cast their ballots come Election Day, “they may have to drive across the county to their old precinct, though.”

“We are doing our best to inform every single citizen and this is the most extensive avenue we’ve gone through to do so,” Crigler said.

The deadline to register to vote for the General Election in Kentucky is Oct. 11.

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