Raccoon safely descends Cold Spring light pole, disappears from spotlight

The raccoon. Photo by the Central Campbell County Fire Department

Drivers in Cold Spring may have had a hard time keeping their eyes on the road Friday after spotting a strange scene on Alexandria Pike (U.S. 27) near the Meijer store.

A “wild raccoon,” as the Central Campbell Co. Fire Department called it, was apparently committed not to find the same fate as many of its nocturnal brethren by becoming roadkill. 

So, instead of a mad and dangerous dash across the busy local highway, the raccoon managed to scale a tall light pole along the road.

This mystery, shrouded in the sheer athleticism of our naturally masked nighttime hunter, captivated local social media.

A lot of folks wanted to know why the fire department and other emergency responders didn’t drop everything, shut down the road, and retrieve the raccoon.

“We tried to get a hold of some other authorities, state police, Kentucky Game and Fish, Campbell County Animal Shelter,” Chief Dan Schultz said Monday morning. “And nobody had anything to do with it. It’s something that we do not do, and we tried to find a resource of somebody that could potentially help.”

Others managed to have a strong chuckle before going on with their weekend.

And all of us were left wondering how and why this magnificent climb happened in the first place.

On Saturday morning, the fire department noted that the raccoon managed to descend the pole on its own accord.

“It’s a wild animal,” Schultz said. “They usually take care of themselves.”

And after a trek like that, the animal is well deserving of the largest pile of trash it can get its sneaky little hands on.

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