Mason-Dixon Poll shows Beshear leading over Republican contenders

Mark Payne
Mark Payne
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A new poll released by Mason-Dixon finds Gov. Andy Beshear with a 61% approval rating amongst Kentucky voters.

It also shows him leading four of the top Republican candidates for governor.

Mason-Dixon Polling Strategies conducted the poll and found that the Democratic governor had just a 29% disapproval rating, with 10% reporting that they weren’t sure.

Beshear faces two challengers in the primary — Geoff Young and Peppy Martin. However, he might face a more formidable challenge in the general election, with Kentucky heavily electing Republican candidates statewide in 2022.

Kentucky’s voter rolls also flipped to majority Republican last year.

The poll asked voters whom they would vote for if the election were held today, and the results show Beshear leading over top Republican contenders — the GOP has 12 candidates competing in the primary.

The top Republican vote-getter in the poll was Attorney General Daniel but was still outpaced by Beshear 49% to 40%, with 11% undecided.

Beshear also beat out Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles 52% to 35%, with 13% undecided.

Next, State Auditor Mike Harmon received 33% of the vote compared to Beshear at 53%, with 14% undecided.

Lastly, the poll showed Beshear with a lead over former U.N. Ambassador Kelly Craft by a margin of 57% to 32%, with 11% undecided.

The popular polling company interviewed 625 registered voters throughout Kentucky. Ten percent of these voters weren’t affiliated with one of the major parties, while 44% were Democrat and 46% were Republican. The poll had a 4% margin of error. 

The poll also asked Republican voters whom they would vote for in the primary, and those voters overwhelmingly chose Attorney General Cameron, polling at 39% compared to 13% for Kelly Craft, 8% for Agriculture Commissioner Quarles, and 5% for State Auditor Harmon.

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Every other Republican in the race earned 2% or less, and 28% of voters were undecided.

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