Vote for your favorite place to watch March Madness in NKY

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Staff Report
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The NCAA men’s basketball tournament has officially started, and plenty of people will be calling in sick to catch the upcoming games. 

LINK nky wants to know what the best places around Northern Kentucky are to play hooky, watch the game and have a drink. 

To find out where readers’ favorite spots are, we created a March Madness bracket of our own, pitting the LINK nky team’s favorite local haunts against each other until we have a champion. 

Follow us on social media to vote in the NKY Hoops & Hops Bracket. We’ll be posting every weekday at 6 p.m. until the end of the tournament. Get to it quick because once the bracket is posted, there’s only one day before voting for that round ends. 

Here is how to vote on each of our platforms:

Facebook: React with the specified emojis in the 6 p.m. post to vote for your favorite business.

Twitter: Look for a daily tweet that features our poll and click on your favorite to vote

Instagram: Click our icon to view our story for our poll and click on your favorite to vote. Voting ends when the story is no longer visible (24 hours)

The LINK nky Hoops & Hops Sweet Sixteen includes: 

  • Hofbrauhaus (Newport) 
  • Midway Cafe (Fort Thomas) 
  • Danyelle’s (Bellevue)
  • Jerry’s Jug House (Newport) 
  • Smoke Justis (Covington) 
  • Covington Yard (Covington) 
  • Braxton Brewing Co. (Covington) 
  • Dickmann’s (Fort Wright) 
  • Edgewood Tavern (Edgewood)
  • Grandview Tavern (Edgewood)
  • Blind Squirrel (Florence) 
  • 859 Taproom & Grill (Florence) 
  • Turfway Racing (Florence)
  • Drake’s (Florence) 
  • Hebron Grille (Hebron) 
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