‘Who Dey think they gonna stop this wedding?’: Northern Kentucky couple plans Bengals-themed nuptials

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Written by WCPO’s Kendria Lafleur

A Northern Kentucky couple plans on saying “Who Dey” in addition to “I do” at their Bengals-themed wedding.

Ben Steely and Donna Goad are taking their love for each other — and their favorite team — to a whole new level for their upcoming nuptials. The couple’s wedding invitations resemble game tickets, and when they tie the knock Feb. 11, they’ll be decked out in orange and black.

Goad said she is skipping the traditional white dress, opting instead for one in the Bengals’ colors. She’ll then change into a Bengals jersey with her husband’s name on the back. Guests are also encouraged to wear their Bengals attire.

“We’re going to be chanting, ‘Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think they gonna stop this wedding? Noooobody,” Goad said.

The two have been together for two and a half years, and said they’ve helped each other through some tough times.

“We both lost our partners about four years before we met,” Steely said. “We just started seeing each other. All of a sudden we (were) in love and ready to get married.”

They are both die-hard Bengals fans “through the good and bad,” and plan to be with one another in the same conditions.

“He’s shown me he’s going to be there through thick and thin,” Goad said.

Their wedding date is Feb. 11, a day before the Super Bowl. While they’re hoping the Bengals are in the big game, they’re also hoping their love story is a testament to others.

“I’m so glad I met her,” said Steely. “She taught me that I could love again.”

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