Tips for surviving the journey on the busiest travel day of the year

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Staff Report
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The day before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year. 

During the holidays, airlines and roads are inundated with passengers traveling to see family and friends. According to AAA, more than 700,000 Kentuckians are traveling at least 50 miles for Thanksgiving this year, nearly reaching pre-pandemic levels. 

With an international airport and access to two major interstates, Northern Kentucky is a crossroads for holiday travelers.

So, LINK nky posed the question to its staff: How do you keep everyone happy on long journeys? 

Jessie Stamp, LINK’s office manager, said she sets aside new toys to keep the kids busy for a long trip. 

“I love anything that’s dry erase for easy drawing and re-drawing! Magnetic puzzles are awesome, too,” Stamp said. 

Nicole Trimpe, manager of strategic partnerships, agreed and said plenty of toys and snacks are her go-to tools. 

Digital Editor Maggy McDonel keeps her dog, Winnie, busy with a Kong. 

One-year-old Winnie McDonel stands proudly with her toy kong. Photo by Maggy McDonel | LINK nky

“A peanut butter Kong in the car works great for distracting dogs (and maybe kids, who knows),” she wrote. 

With enough planning, placing a peanut butter-filled Kong in the freezer the night before will make the filling last twice as long. 

LINK Managing Editor Meghan Goth uses tablets for her kids, and packs a leash, a bowl for water, and a tennis ball for her dog to exercise at rest stops. Boone County Reporter Grace Tierney said bringing a toy from home provides familiarity and helps her dog stay calm in the car. 

Meanwhile, Campbell County Reporter Haley Parnell admitted she doesn’t have any dogs to keep entertained on road trips, but a soft-sided cat carrier does the trick for her two cats, who like to doze during the journey. 

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Peter Glassmeyer, marketing account executive, said he takes along the weekly LINK Reader for the crossword puzzles. 

For anyone, be they person or animal, fighting motion sickness rather than boredom, our CEO Lacy Starling recommends, “Dramamine. For everyone.” 

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