Beyond the Curb: Bellevue home provides river views, walkable neighborhood

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Staff Report
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Lisa and Bill Mell knew they wanted to downsize and live in a walkable neighborhood with a garage.

“We knew there weren’t a lot of areas in town that could accommodate both,” Lisa Mell said.

The couple decided the Bellevue property they now call home was too small and they couldn’t make it work, but after it went off the market and back on, they changed their minds.

“It turned out perfectly for us,” Lisa Mell said.

The home checks all the boxes for them, Bill Mell said. While the single-family home is a new build and is surrounded by trees, they don’t need to upkeep the lawn.

“It’s actually a single family home even though most people would think it’s a condo or a townhome,” Lisa Mell said.

The Mells removed carpet from the second floor of the home; the replaced cabinetry; they added a fire place; and they increased the size of the master bathroom and closet on the second floor.

The Mells’ kitchen and living room.

Oh. And there’s a mirror with a TV in it in the bathroom.

“We love our master bathroom,” Lisa Mell said.

The best part? The Mells can see the Ohio River from their home.

“The convenience of living here is just spectacular,” Lisa Mell said. “What I love is the community that we are in.”

The Mells’ had this fireplace installed in the living room.

For Bill Mell, it’s the ease of living.

Not only is yardwork not a thing for them, but they can also walk right up the street to a bar to meet friends.

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