Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle: Black Friday made easy by small businesses

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Now that Mariah Carey has been thawed out to croon “All I want for Christmas” this holiday season, Dec. 25 is just around the corner and the clock is ticking to buy gifts. The biggest shopping day of the season is the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, where retailers can get their books “out of the red” and consumers can score deals on discounted items. 

Does the idea of stampeding over fellow shoppers to get your mittens on a steeply discounted big screen TV take the jolly out of your holly? Does the prospect of standing in line at 4 a.m. to buy this year’s “it” gaming console make your days anything but merry and bright? Does the whole notion of “consumerism” suck the yule out of your cheer? Are you one of the sleepy-eyed associates forced to forgo a silent night while stocking the shelves and cleaning up the aftermath? (If so, we salute you, the unsung heroes of the holiday season!)

Your reporter falls into this category, and opts to shop local, small businesses to deck their halls. Want to support local businesses this year instead of “big box” retailers? Here is a list of local, small businesses you can visit Black Friday or any day to show those on your “nice-ish list” you care. 

Many of these folks offer gift cards too, and purchasing from a local business or restaurant adds a personal touch:

Just Sew is a Florence-based quilting store offering fabrics, embroidery materials, machine repair and more. No trip to a store needed, just order online and whip-stitch up a unique gift.   

For the bibliophile in your life, a trip to Covington’s Roebling Point Books and Coffee has a large selection of books and gifts with an emphasis on local artists and writers. (And their coffee is delicious!) 

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If you’re into the “harder stuff” over coffee, buy a $100 gift card from Smoke Justis in Covington and get $20 free. Snag one of their Bourbon Barrel picks of Roebling Rare, New Riff Rye, or Buzzard Roast and get a $10 gift card free.

Looking for a rad ride? Check out Galaxy Skate Shop in Newport. Offering new complete skateboard setups and build-your-own kits, everyone from a skating novice to pro rider will find something to roll with. 

Custom-made gifts are always a hit, and Grainwell in Covington has a vast selection of customizable gifts and decor for anyone on your list.

If you can’t say it with words, say it with flowers! Fort Wright is home to Fassler Florists, offering everything from custom bouquets to gift baskets. 

Get filled with the “holiday spirit” with something from Party Source in Bellevue. A giant store stocked with cigars, imported wines, liquors, and more. 

Snag a sweet treat every month of the year from Made By Mavis with their Jam of the Month Club, where recipients (Or yourself, you can be selfish. They’re that good.) receive an award winning jam in your mailbox every month. 

Leftbank Coffee House in Covington is offering Shop Small Saturday specials. 

If you feel as if you still haven’t found the perfect gift – fret not, weary shopper: Milton Berele once said, ”It’s always consoling to know that today’s Christmas gifts are tomorrow’s garage sales.”

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