The Sunday Story Podcast: Families brace for change as schools enact Kentucky’s new gender-related law

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This week on the Sunday Story podcast, Kenton County reporter Nathan Granger and Government and Politics reporter Mark Payne dive into the passing of SB150 and how kids and schools are addressing the issue as they head back to class this fall.

When Nancy Bardgett’s daughter came out as transgender, she said she was thankful that Jordan Bardgett was able to receive the care she needed. 

In addition to having a supportive family, Jordan, then a student at Northern Kentucky University, received mental health support. 

“She had supportive friends, and she sought out resources and knew where to look for help,” Nancy said.

Bardgett is on one side of the controversial debate over Senate Bill 150, which she said keeps the community from being able to fully understand what a trans person goes through or how to support them. But the bill’s proponents say it protects parental rights and keeps “LGBTQ ideology” from being forced on their children. 

The bill, which passed in March, bans gender-affirming care for Kentuckians under the age of 18 and establishes new mandates related to sex education, as well as education related to human sexuality and gender identity, among other things, in public schools.

The education portions of the bill went into effect in March due to an emergency clause in the bill. 

As school districts across Northern Kentucky have voted to enact the new mandates – with varying levels of approval – parents, teachers and administrators have shared their thoughts on why they do, or don’t, think the new law is necessary. 

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