LISTEN: Advocating for a healthy business climate with Pat Frew, Covington Business Council

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This week on Mind Your Business, NKY!, LINK nky CEO Lacy Starling and business reporter Kenton Hornbeck discuss three NKY cities that made the list for fastest growing employment centers in the region, Route 8 reconstruction and the Reds.

Then, Kenton sits down with Pat Frew, President of the Covington Business Council (CBC) to discuss the CBC’s mission and how it engages with the community. Pat talks about the history of the CBC (formerly an organization called C.U.R.E, created by Ralph Haile), how it was created in the 1970s after mounting concerns of migration from the cities to the suburbs, and growing the CBC into what it is today with more than 500 members.

Pat also talks about the different seasons of his career from working in radio to being a stay-at-home-dad to raising money and how he found his way to the CBC and building their membership base.

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