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This week on Mind Your Business, NKY!, LINK nky President and CEO Lacy Starling and Business Reporter Kenton Hornbeck discuss the OneNKY Center, a new building coming to Covington. They talk about where the building will be, what local organizations will call the space home and how much will be spent on the project. Read Kenton’s full story on the OneNKY Center here.

Then, Kenton sits down with Jill Morenz, President and CEO of Aviatra Accelerators in Covington. Jill explains that both genders face challenges when starting a business…but when it comes to growing a business, women-owned businesses face additional hurdles. She talks about the theories and research behind gender bias in business and how important additional educational resources and lending is for women entrepreneurs. She also talks about the three essential connections for business owners.

Aviatra Accelerators helps women access funding, capital and additional resources to help women grow their businesses. They offer several workshops, some for men and women, to help entrepreneurs launch their ideas. Learn more about Aviatra Accelerators here

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