Class 2A football in Northern Kentucky starts and almost always ends with Beechwood’s back-to-back defending state champion Tigers

Dan Weber
Dan Weber
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Our preview of the Northern Kentucky high school football season continues with this look at local Class 2A teams.


Two-time defending state champs have no plans to back off in 2022

Where else to start when previewing Kentucky’s Class 2A — or Northern Kentucky high school football at any level?

The Fort Mitchell Tigers have a 23-game win streak going into the 2022 season that includes back-to-back state titles led by Kentucky’s 2020 Mr. Football and 2021 Player of the Year, quarterback Cameron Hergott. The good news for opponents is that Hergott is off to Eastern Kentucky after his super-senior extra season thanks to Kentucky’s one-of-a-kind law offering an extra year of eligibility because of COVID-19.

But football is far more than a one-man game, one-season game — certainly at Beechwood it is. The Tigers had met and worked out, practiced, and tested at a total of 85 sessions since getting together Jan. 14 in preparation for their first double sessions in full pads Aug. 1.

Beechwood’s Antonio Robinson Jr. not in pads yet with his new teammates last week (Dan Weber/LINK nky)

Double sessions? In full pads? “We’re pretty old school,” says returning senior starting corner Carson Craycraft . . . with a grin. “Cake-eaters” no more. Not after 16 state championships since 1984 – eight in the 21st Century.

“I’ve got some pretty good dudes,” says Head Coach Noel Rash, who is 180-46 in his 16 years at the Fort Mitchell school with seven of those titles to his credit. Good as in “dudes,” also good at football. Note the plural there.

Which is how Craycraft, and a pair of fellow returning senior starters – DB Landon Aylor and DL Torin O’Shea — look at it. They’ll tick off a half-dozen names of those who have departed. ”We’re going to miss their senior leadership,” they say almost in unison. “We’re definitely going to be younger.”

But one of the “young” guys, new quarterback Clay Hayden, a 6-foor-1, 181-pound sophomore, has reversed the migration to Union. Transferring a year ago with a move from Ryle, Hayden pipes up, saying “this team’s a lot stronger.”

Where they’re stronger, in one way, is the shocker – throwing the ball. “He can sling it,” Aylor says of Hayden’s strong, efficient delivery. And then you remember that Hergott’s strength was as a scrambling competitor who was more dangerous when he didn’t throw it. That may well change.

Beechwood’s Antonio Robinson Jr. (Dan Weber/LINK nky)

“We’ll see,” Rash says. The way Hayden handled things in a seven-on-seven scrimmage against a Lakota West team with a couple of corners headed to Ohio State and another player headed to Notre Dame has almost everybody enthused here. Except, at times, Rash.

“Flag football,” he says of the pad-less passing game. That’s not Beechwood’s style. You remember: “Old school.”

Except for this. There’s a new man flying around Edgar McNabb Field these days. Antonio Robinson Jr., just in from Florida. Runs 10.6 in the 100. He’s the No. 1 commitment in the Wake Forest class for 2023. A Power Five player who the day the 5-foot-10, 181-pounder stepped on the field became the top prospect in Northern Kentucky and No. 2 overall in Kentucky.

New Beechwood assistant Antonio Robinson Sr. (Dan Weber/LINK nky)

All his summer seven-on-seven team out of Miami did was win the national championship playing all over the country. With a pair of teammates each going to Ohio State and USC and others to Florida State and Texas A&M, Robinson has been there, done that.

With a dad who won a Super Bowl champion’s ring at Green Bay and played for Pete Carroll at Seattle, he grew up with the game. And now he’s at Beechwood. In Fort Mitchell, where in addition to playing DB, he’ll line up all over the place on offense as a Wildcat quarterback, running back, receiver and kick returner on special teams.

And yeah, Northern Kentucky is definitely not Miami where Antonio Jr. played for Florida Christian and for his dad, who will be moving into a position at Nevels Fitness in Newport with his former college teammate, Jordan Nevels. Antonio Sr. will also be an assistant coach at Beechwood as he was in Florida.

“The competitive level is different,” says Antonio Jr., a man of few words and plenty of understatement. “But the city is pretty nice.”

The No. 1 difference from what he’s seen at Beechwood thus far? “The coaching . . . everybody is disciplined about every little thing.”

“Embrace the grind,” Rash likes to say of the way he wants his team to prepare to play. Or as the players like to say: “old school.”

Which is definitely the way to describe senior football-baseball star Mitchell Berger, a 207-pound tough guy running back/linebacker and junior two-way lineman Xavier Campbell, a 6-foot, 227-pounder.

Beechwood opens for the second straight year on a Saturday night, Aug. 20, against Fairdale in Louisville, a team the Tigers beat 35-0 last season.

Not that that spread was unusual. In Class 2A in Northern Kentucky, Beechwood outscored its four opponents 370-19 in five games (Covington Holy Cross twice, 56-7 and 48-0), Lloyd Memorial 62-6, Newport 54-0, and Walton-Verona 50-6 in the playoffs.


Aug 20 at Louisville Fairdale
Aug 26 Paintsville
Sep 2 at Somerset
Sep 9 Simon Kenton
Sep 16 at Covington Catholic
Sep 30 Dixie Heights
Oct 7 Holy Cross (Covington)
Oct 14 Lloyd Memorial
Oct 21 Newport
Oct 28 Newport Central Catholic (at Covington Catholic)


# Name Position Yr. # Name Position Yr.
27 Isaac Cardosi PK So. 14 Talon Linder WR, S Jr.
69 Nicholas Alexander OL, DL Jr. 28 Ben Mairose WR, DB Sr.
5 Landon Aylor WR, DB Sr. 58 Josef Major OL, DL So.
70 Chance Baugh OL, DL So. 13 Liam McCormack WR, DB Sr.
30 Mitchell Berger RB, WR, DB Sr. 75 William McMahan OL, DL So.
16 Alex Bolger TE, DE Sr. 73 Jack Meier OL, DL So.
34 Sam Burns WR, DB Sr. 72 Walter Nachazel OL, DL Sr.
55 Xavier Campbell OL, DL Jr. 9 Torin OShea FB, TE, LB Sr.
6 Alex Courtney RB, LB Sr. 25 Nathan Parton WR, LB So.
7 Carson Craycraft WR, DB Sr. 88 Zachary Ranshaw TE, DE Sr.
8 James Cusick WR, S So. 42 Zander Riegler RB, LB Jr.
76 Nolan Davey OL, DL So. 44 Sam Rudd OL, DL Sr.
2 Luke Erdman WR, DB So. 53 Will Schings OL, DL So.
24 Colin Fedders WR, DB Sr. 31 Payton Schuler WR, DB Jr.
3 Chase Flaherty RB, LB So. 17 Luke Sleet WR, CB Jr.
26 Austin Flesch WR, DB So. 19 Shawn Sowder QB, S Jr.
12 Clay Hayden QB So. 20 Caleb Stiene WR, DB So.
32 Koen Henderson WR, DB So. 81 Brody Strotman WR, DB So.
11 Tyson Hergott TE, DE Jr. 18 Breaden Trejo PK So.
65 Cole Howard OL, DE So. 54 Austin Waddell FB, LB Sr.
4 Bomani Hughes WR, LB Jr. 51 Jordan Wagner FB, LB So.
56 Konner Huljak OL, LB Sr. 60 Charlie Wainscott OL, DL Jr.
22 Caleb Jobe TE, DE So. 21 Patrick Weaver WR, DB Jr.
23 Landon Johnson RB, LB Sr. 78 Preston Woods OL, DL So.


Won Lost Season Class District* RPI**

Lexington Christian 657 166 14 – 1 7 – 1 5 – 0 .82387
Beechwood 689 104 15 – 0 9 – 0 5 – 0 .75757
Mayfield 587 199 12 – 2 6 – 2 5 – 1 .70224
Danville 276 298 8 – 5 3 – 2 3 – 2 .63145
Middlesboro 424 205 13 – 1 7 – 1 6 – 0 .62967
Green County 444 177 11 – 2 6 – 2 5 – 1 .62418
West Carter 350 246 9 – 4 7 – 1 7 – 0 .61719
Murray 405 253 8 – 3 4 – 2 4 – 2 .59532
Caldwell County 229 174 7 – 4 3 – 2 3 – 2 .58661
Butler County 281 281 6 – 5 2 – 4 1 – 4 .58330
Metcalfe County 384 216 8 – 4 5 – 1 5 – 1 .58147
Owensboro Catholic 397 282 7 – 6 6 – 1 6 – 0 .58061
Hancock County 265 234 7 – 5 4 – 3 3 – 3 .56426
Martin County 431 331 8 – 5 7 – 2 5 – 2 .54540
Walton-Verona 409 252 9 – 4 8 – 1 7 – 0 .54110
Shelby Valley 390 384 5 – 6 3 – 3 3 – 3 .50291
Carroll County 294 141 7 – 5 5 – 2 5 – 2 .50231
Todd County Central 178 225 4 – 7 3 – 5 2 – 3 .50093
Somerset 144 381 2 – 9 1 – 4 1 – 3 .48987
McLean County 260 319 4 – 6 1 – 3 1 – 3 .48852
Lloyd Memorial 202 294 3 – 7 1 – 3 1 – 3 .48231
Washington County 173 426 3 – 9 1 – 4 0 – 4 .46246
Holy Cross (Covington) 247 431 4 – 8 2 – 4 2 – 3 .46169
Bath County 266 339 6 – 6 2 – 5 2 – 4 .45862
Newport 137 325 4 – 8 1 – 3 1 – 3 .45832
Breathitt County 387 333 4 – 7 4 – 2 4 – 2 .45784
Monroe County 207 362 3 – 8 3 – 3 2 – 3 .45525
Morgan County 198 286 4 – 7 2 – 3 2 – 3 .44301
Prestonsburg 222 263 4 – 6 1 – 4 1 – 4 .44099
Knott County Central 190 301 2 – 7 2 – 5 0 – 4 .40769
Gallatin County 141 254 3 – 7 3 – 3 3 – 3 .40199
Owen County 183 326 3 – 9 2 – 4 2 – 4 .39340
East Ridge 274 452 2 – 8 0 – 6 0 – 5 .38083
Leslie County 209 428 2 – 10 1 – 5 1 – 4 .36870
Clinton County 160 463 1 – 10 1 – 5 1 – 4 .35937
Shawnee 48 231 3 – 8 1 – 4 1 – 4 .35865
Ballard Memorial 46 473 1 – 10 1 – 4 1 – 4 .35165
Fort Campbell 76 332 1 – 9 0 – 5 0 – 4 .35124
Trimble County 188 336 2 – 8 0 – 6 0 – 5 .34400
Edmonson County 104 300 0 – 10 0 – 5 0 – 4 .32321


Lots of returning starters should get Juggs on track early

As assistant principal, Head Coach Kyle Niederman sees his kids “all day, every day,” and not just in the afternoon at practice. “I think it really helps,” he says, “I get to coach the person, not just the player.”

A couple of players Niederman is looking forward to coaching from the 10 returning starters (seven on offense, eight on defense) are senior running back Kaiden Zulager and two-way interior lineman Thomas Plymesser.

Zulager, at 5-foot-10, 185 pounds, is “coming off a great season and looks to pick right back up where he left off,” Niederman says. “His leadership and willingness to get better this offseason has been ideal for our young guys to watch and buy in. He’s a real strong kid, he does a good job in the weight room with a great attitude. It’s been a pleasure working with him the last couple of years.”

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Lloyd Memorial’s Kaiden Zulager (Dan Weber/LINK nky)

The 6-1, 260-pound Plymesser is a definite college prospect, Niederman says. “He uses brute strength, he plays low, he plays hard, and he’s a hard worker. Very coachable kid,” Niederman says. “He’s stepped up in the leadership department. He will be the guy who will make it hard for offenses to contain and he will make QB’s struggle to get plays off.”

His Lloyd team “will be a mix of young and veteran players” with the key being how much they “continue to grow on and off the field,” Niederman says.

The key for the Juggs this year, who are “hanging in there numbers-wise” with a squad of 50 from grades 9-12, is “playing with more consistency,” says Niederman, in his fourth year as head coach.

Last year, for example, Lloyd beat District rival Holy Cross 40-7 with a running clock. Two weeks later in the first round of the playoffs, Holy Cross came back to beat Lloyd 30-24.

“Holy Cross didn’t play very well that first game – turned the ball over and missed open receivers,” Niederman said. “The second game, we turned it over and we missed the open receivers.”

But no matter what, any team in the district will have to face two-time defending state champ Beechwood. “We’ve got a lot of respect for them,” Niederman says, “they’re the favorites no doubt. But we’ll strap it up for them.”

Lloyd opens Aug. 19 at Dixie Heights, the first of three straight road games on the Juggs’ nine-game schedule.


Aug. 19 at Dixie Heights
Aug. 26 at Grant County
Sept. 2 at Providence (Indiana)
Sept. 9 Boone County
Sept. 16 Bishop Brossart
Sept. 23 Bye
Sept. 30 Montgomery County
Oct. 7 Newport
Oct. 14 at Beechwood
Oct. 21 Covington Holy Cross (at Thomas More)


# Name Position Yr. # Name Position Yr.
5 Avander Abrams OL Jr. Camrin Odonnell So.
66 Nathaniel Bernard OL Sr. Thomas Plymesser Jr.
2 Landin Bishop WR Jr. Jonah Purnell Jr.
Yurii Collins Comer So. Blake Remley Jr.
Joe Cooley Sr. Amari Riley Sr.
Tyler Copeland So. Braydon Riley Sr.
John Crim Jr. Brayden Schneider Fr.
Ramondo Dixon So. Ethan Sears So.
Alijah Griffin Fr. Isiah Sebastian So.
Amari Griffin Jr. Samuel Stamper Jr.
Andre Hall Fr. Larry Taylor Jr.
LJ Herron Fr. Devaughn Townsend Sr.
DeMarcus Kindle Sr. Josh Waller Jr.
Terrell Lampkin Sr. Elijah Westwood Jr.
Jermaine Mays So. Kaiden Zulager Sr.
Nate Mendez-Cummings Jr.


Indians plan to air it out and go with their speed on offense

Football has been a big part of Bruce Kozerski’s life. “Forty-eight of my 60 years,” says the former Bengals center now science teacher and head football coach at Holy Cross High School in Latonia. Twelve years a Bengal, four at the College of Holy Cross and four more at Bishop Loughlin High School in his hometown of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., as a player.

After losing 12 seniors from last year’s team, the roster is still in flux through the opening of school, says Kozerski, who led the Indians to a 2A state title in 2011. “We’ll get up to near 30 when it’s finished.”

Bruce Kozerski with his Holy Cross coaching staff (Dan Weber/LINK nky)

Ask him why he’s still coaching and Kozerski makes clear: “The kids need so much help,” he says right away. And then there’s this.

“I have such a great staff,” he says with wide receiver/DB coach Felix Moore going into his 23rd season with him. Rick Lehmkuhl is in his 12th season. And Kozerski’s son Adam, who played on the 2011 state champs, is in his 10th year.

And then there’s a rookie coach by the name of James Brooks, who NFL fans – Bengals fans particularly – will recognize. Brooks’ son Zach will be a freshman on this year’s Indian roster.

But this game is about the players and Kozerski is enthusiastic about a team that will be “more athletic” than last year’s 4-8 team that was outscored 431-247. But there was that end-of-the-season tone-setter that really mattered for Kozerski.

After losing 40-7 to district rival Lloyd Memorial in the second-last regular season game, the Indians came back two weeks later to knock off the Juggs, 30-24. “Huge,” Kozerski says of what that kind of bounce-back moment meant for the program.

Look for more of the same from a team that averaged more than 20 points a game. “I’ve got some very talented receivers,” he says of senior basketballer Javier Ward. Landyn Phillips is another athletic guy who can catch it and throw it.

As for just throwing it, look for Donovan Ambrosia to move in and Phillips to become a receiver. “It’s always more fun to catch it,” Kozerski says. “But not everybody can – catch it or run. I’m proof of that.”

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Looking at his talent, it’s not a close call, Kozerski says. “We’re going to air it out. If I didn’t have this speed, I might be forced to do something else. But you do what you got to do.”

One thing 2A teams here have got to do is play Beechwood. But they don’t have to talk about the Tigers. “We have nine other games,” Kozerski says. But if you want to talk about Beechwood, he suggests, maybe you should mosey on out to Fort Mitchell and ask them.

Holy Cross opens the season Aug. 19 at Bellevue. And district play doesn’t begin until Oct. 7 at not-to-be-named Beechwood.

“The season doesn’t start until then,” Kozerski says. “Those early season games are basically scrimmages.” And with a roster that’s pretty fluid with wide receiver Lavarr Jones no longer on the team, that’s the case for Holy Cross.


Aug 19 At Bellevue

Aug 26 Walton-Verona

Sep 1 At Scott

Sep 9 Bishop Brossart

Sep 16 Newport Central Catholic

Sep 23 Holmes

Oct 7 At Beechwood

Oct 16 Newport (at Bishop Brossart)

Oct 21 Lloyd Memorial

Oct 28 Ludlow


65 Zach Chalfin OL, DL Jr. 60 Justin Parsons OL, DL So.
10 Ryan Elhman TE, LB Jr. 4 Landyn Phillips WR, DB Jr.
5 Jordan Fabre WR, DB So. 74 Carson Reinersman OL, DL Jr.
2 Sam Henderson WR, DB So. 50 Andrew Russell OL, LB Fr.
8 Javier Ison QB, LB Sr. 61 Anthony Russell OL, DL Sr.
76 Sam Thomson OL, LB Sr.
77 Tyler Luster OL, DL Jr. 1 Javier Ward WR, DB Sr.
54 Colin Menner OL, DL Jr. 55 Steffan Wills OL, LB Sr.
23 Denzel Moses RB, LB Sr.


New coach, new look for Newport’s young Wildcats

Newport Coach Ryan Hahn hasn’t gotten to the first kickoff this season and yet his Wildcats have already suffered a serious loss. The venerable Newport Stadium, built by the WPA program in the 1930s, has been condemned as structurally unsafe and for the 2022 season, Newport will be a road team.

New Newport head coach Ryan Hahn checks out his team’s shoulder pads on a practice day too hot for full pads (Dan Weber/LINK nky)

Although its opener with Mason County, Thursday, Aug. 18 at 7:30 p.m., is now going to be played at Thomas More with work ongoing on the Mason County stadium. According to the KHSAA web site, that game is scheduled to kick off the 2022 high school football season in the state.

And the Holy Cross game has been rescheduled for Saturday, Oct. 16, at Bishop Brossart because of the unavailability of the Indians’ normal home at Thomas More because of a Saints’ home game.

The good news for the Wildcats is that despite losing 11 seniors off last season’s 27-man roster, “We’ll start the season with 40,” says first-year head coach Ryan Hahn. “Being here four years (as an assistant and teacher) has a lot to do with having 40 kids here to play.

“We’ve done a lot of restructuring,” Hahn says, beginning with simple things like requiring guys to literally toe the line “to start practice . . . following instructions. All these kids have bought in.”

One who has is running back Mykell Martin, down 30 pounds from a year ago to 225 this season. “He wants to play at the next level and he has the brains and attitude to do it,” Hahn says.

Coming off a 4-8 season (1-3 in the District), this new-look Newport team will have time to build to their three District games to end the regular season – Oct. 7 at Lloyd Memorial, Oct. 16 (Holy Cross) and the finale, Oct. 22 at Beechwood.

“We have a lot of youth,” Hahn says, “with just six seniors and a whole host of freshmen. They understand the objective. They all showed up for weights. It’ll just take time.”

And consistency. Last year after beating Lloyd 21-14, the Wildcat defense was shredded 47-14 by Holy Cross and 54-0 by Beechwood and then had to return in the first week of the playoffs two weeks later against Beechwood resulting in a 58-8 loss.

Hahn succeeds Brian Weinrich, who has moved on to Campbell County High School. His pedigree is as an offensive lineman for four state championship teams at Highlands from 2007 through 2010 and then as a top college lineman at Hanover.

He preaches discipline, conditioning, and toughness while telling his players two things: “. . . that they can get better . . . and that I love them.”

Sophomore Kyle Lee is a tough-minded basketball player taking over at quarterback and another hoops kid, wide receiver A.J. Rowe, could be a big target.

“Every day is a new day,” Hahn says of his first head coaching job. And as he looks ahead to his schedule, “I love it that we have NewCath as a rivalry game.”

And having powerhouse Beechwood in their 2A District: “Beechwood’s at the top of the mountain. You want to be the best, you have to beat the best.”


Aug 18 Mason County (at Thomas More)

Aug 26 at Bishop Brossart

Sep 2 at Pendleton County

Sep 9 at Holmes

Sep 16 at Cincinnati College Prep Academy (Cincinnati), OH

Sep 23 at Newport Central Catholic

Sep 30 at Bellevue

Oct 7 at Lloyd Memorial

Oct 15 at Covington Holy Cross

Oct 21 at Beechwood


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Quincy Barber Sr. Mykell Martin Sr.
Omar Beasley Jr. Joseph Mueller Fr.
Kendall Buck-Barber Fr. Daniel Pablo Jr.
Khalil Buck-Barber Jr. Abner Perez Sr.
Javon Burke Jr. Christopher Pompilio-Greene Jr.
Gavin Castillo Sr. Jake Porter Jr.
Kaden Davis Fr. Ayrian Quesada Sr.
Keegan Farrell Fr. Carvonta Roper Fr.
Ernesto Grande Fr. Carson Sanders Jr.
Bryant Hambrick Jr. Jayleion Sharp So.
Jaylan Hartness So. Kayveion Sharp Fr.
Anthony Herindon Fr. LaDon Simpson So.
Bryant Hodge Fr. Richard Slusher Jr.
Bryson Hunt Jr. Ayden Stachel Fr.
Amari Isham Fr. Landon Stacks So.
Amere Isham Fr. Justin Temple Sr.
Kyle Lee So. Glen Young So.



Bearcats have it going in football-focused Walton-Verona

Try to find a parking space for afternoon practice at the Walton-Verona Sports Complex. It’s not easy. Hundreds of cars – many of them SUVs with tailgaters literally tailgating — ring the expansive fields. And that’s just for the pee wee football practices.

Football is for sure a thing here for the Bearcats’ 15-year-old program as they work out inside the secure stadium next door.

No wonder their downstate district rivals look at Walton-Verona the way the rest of Northern Kentucky looks at Beechwood.

Walton-Verona DE-slot receiver-RB Ryan Logan (Dan Weber/LINK nky)

“I do hear that from Grant County and Carroll County,” Coach Jeff Barth says in his 14th season with the Bearcats. “It’s certainly picked up around here.”

Despite losing 15 seniors, Barth is upbeat about his Bearcats’ chances in 2022 and why shouldn’t he be? They ran off a 9-4 season (and an unbeaten 7-0 in district play) before running into Beechwood for the regional title. The numbers are down a bit into the mid-40s, but the Bearcats return six starters on offense, seven on defense.

Barth says he expects his team to “contend for another district championship and potentially our second regional title. We need several offensive and defensive linemen to make the jump from JV to varsity but I fully expect those guys to make the successful transition.”

Walton-Verona DB-WR Geoffrey Kratzenberg (Dan Weber/LINK nky)

One newcomer ready to step up is quarterback Jackson Smith, a junior transfer after a freshman year at Beechwood. “He’s a first-year starter at quarterback,” Barth says of the 6-foot-2, 180-pounder, “a versatile, dual-threat quarterback with exceptional speed and very good arm strength and accuracy. . . He throws it well, he runs it well.”

In other words, pretty much the whole package for a Walton-Verona offense that averaged 31.5 points a game. “We’ve been run-heavy but I think we’ll be much more balanced,” Barth says.

On defense, corner Geoffrey Kratzenberg is a rangy 6-foot-2, 175-pound track guy with 4.6 speed and a desire to play at the next level. Another team leader is Logan Ryan, who might play lacrosse in college at 6-3 and 210 pounds but will play three spots for the Bearcats – defensive end, slot receiver, and running back.

Then there’s three-year starting linebacker Chris Harward. “He has a great motor and nose for the ball,” Barth says.

The Bearcats open at home against 4A opponent Scott Aug. 19 but they move into District play the second half of the season in one of the more unusual districts in any sport for a Northern Kentucky team.

Walton-Verona gets practice going (Dan Weber/LINK nky)

There are no local 2A district opponents but mostly rural schools Gallatin County, Carroll County, Owen County, and Trimble County — all Eighth Region basketball teams — with one other from Louisville in Shawnee.

Walton-Verona won those regular-season games by an average 40.6 to 11.0 points a game.


Aug 19 Scott

Aug 26 at Covington Holy Cross

Sep 2 at Grant County

Sep 8 Newport Central Catholic

Sep. 16 Boone County

Sep 23 Gallatin County

Sep 30 at Carroll County

Oct 7 at Owen County

Oct 14 Louisville Shawnee

Oct 21 Trimble County


David Abakuki Fr. Rajiv Maka So.
79 Kamryn Ball OL, DL Sr. 9 Lincoln Mann PK, P Jr.
36 Joe Beckett WR, DB So. 20 Max Montgomery QB, WR, LB Jr.
24 Abe Bowlin RB, LB Jr. Delmar Morris So.
Coleman Caldwill Fr. Nate Mosley Sr.
Dylan Cook Sr. Michael Oldfield Fr.
Trace Dalton So. 10 Bradley Perry WR, DB Sr.
16 Braden Daniels RB, DB Sr. 66 Gavin Roberts OL, DL So.
33 Carter Daniels RB, DB So. Joseph Robinson Sr.
Coby Daniels So. 15 Logan Ryan QB, WR, LB Sr.
Peyton Danner So. 57 Landon Schirmann OL, DL Jr.
23 Eli Diop RB, DB Jr. 59 Johnathon Seibert OL, LB Jr.
Josh Graham So. 2 Jackson Smith QB, CB Jr.
67 Johnathon Harris OL, DL Sr. 12 Tanner Spiller WR, LB Jr.
45 Christopher Harward RB, LB Sr. Jonathon Strunk So.
77 Ayden Hatmaker OL, DL Jr. 34 Aiden Svec WR, DB Jr.
Chuck Holt So. Bryce Swanson Fr.
Avery Howe Fr. 22 Ben Teipe FB, LB Jr.
56 Gavin Hunter OL, DL Sr. Levi Tilley Fr.
70 Mason Hutton OL, DT So. 38 Colin Wagner RB, LB So.
Luke Hyden So. 35 Ben Walton FB, LB So.
5 Geoffrey Kratzenberg WR, DB Sr. 27 Eli Warren RB, DB So.
Hunter League Fr. 30 Brett Wiethorn FB, LB Jr.

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