The Sunday Story Podcast: Painful decisions: How hard is it for patients to find doctors they can trust?

Meghan Goth
Meghan Goth
Meghan Goth is LINK nky's managing editor. Email her at [email protected]

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This week on The Sunday Story Podcast, LINK nky’s Managing Editor Meghan Goth dives into the story of a local pain clinic doctor, his office manager, and why they are both now being investigated by Kenton County Attorney Rob Sanders.

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Wendy Fillhardt went to see Dr. Pragya B. Gupta at Advanced Pain Treatment Center in Edgewood for back pain in 2021. “I was told that he was a good doctor,” she said. “I was encouraged to go there. So I finally gave in and went.” She said she was not a fan of going to the doctor or being on medication, but eventually, she just couldn’t take the pain. She was at a dead end. 

“I was working full-time when I went there,” she said. “And it just went downhill from the moment I went. Now I’m fully disabled.” 

Fillhardt is one of several people who reached out to LINK nky to tell their stories of Gupta, the clinic, and his office manager, Donnie Jay Thomas (also known as Donald J. Thomas and DJ Thomas), after seeing a story published in June. Gupta said in court filings he considered Thomas a medical assistant because he had personally trained him. 

Thomas still works at the clinic, according to a registration document with the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure dated May 22, 2023. He is listed as a “clerical staff.” That document lists ownership of the clinic as having been transferred from Gupta to Dr. Zeeshan Tayeb. 

The Sunday Story by LINK nky is a deep dive into Northern Kentucky issues that impact our communities. This podcast will address important topics that require a closer look. You can experience this story in three ways; read, listen or watch

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