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Lacy Starling
Lacy Starling
Lacy is the president and CEO of LINK nky. Email her at [email protected]

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Inside LINK is a regular column from our CEO, Lacy Starling. If you have questions you’d like Lacy to answer, email her at [email protected].

Last summer, when we were first thinking about launching our weekly print edition, I stopped by Roebling Point Books & Coffee in Covington to do a little research. I plonked down $4.49 for the Sunday paper that shall remain nameless and also got a delicious cup of coffee.

As I sat outside on the sidewalk, flipping through page after page of not-Kentucky news and ads and sipping my oat milk latte, I realized two things:

  1. Northern Kentucky deserved a weekly paper that actually covered Northern Kentucky.
  2. We needed to sell that paper in stores like Roebling Point Books.

The print paper came first. We’ve now officially mailed 12 weekly print editions of the LINK Reader, and I could not be prouder of the work we’ve put in, developing a newspaper for our community.

Subscriptions have been steadily growing, and feedback from readers has continued to make the paper better every week. Soon, we’ll add more pages and even more coverage of the issues that matter most to our community.

But today, I’m so very, very proud to announce that the LINK Reader will now be for sale at retail locations around the NKY Metro. If you aren’t a subscriber (you should be!) you can pop into one of your favorite stores and get a copy of the LINK Reader, along with your coffee or books or lottery tickets.

When you are out this weekend, grabbing some gas and a few convenience items, or enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee and a pastry, or meeting friends at the bookstore, you can grab a copy of the paper and catch up on all things Northern Kentucky.

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You can read about coffee shop owners who fell in love…in a coffee shop, learn what Gov. Beshear had to say when he visited NKY last week, and meet the new interim president of NKU. You can catch up on local news, read about local high school sports, and even work on a crossword puzzle or sudoku if that’s your thing.

In short, you can enjoy the experience of a print newspaper that covers your community while supporting a local business in your community.

I’m very grateful to our first three partners – The Gas Hole Food Mart in Independence, Carabello Coffee Company in Newport and (this one gives me so much joy) Roebling Point Books & Coffee – at all their locations.

This weekend, head out to the location closest to you and pick up a LINK Reader. You’ll be supporting your own community and learning more about it, all at the same time.

And if you have a favorite place to buy newspapers that you’d like to see carry the LINK Reader, let me know. We’ll reach out and see if we can get it in store.

Where to find the LINK Reader:

  • The Gas Hole Food Mart – 4197 Richardson Road, Independence
  • Carabello Coffee Company – 107 E 9th Street, Newport
  • Roebling Point Books & Coffee – 306 Greenup, Covington
  • Roebling Point Books & Coffee – 601 Overton St, Newport

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