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Lacy Starling
Lacy Starling
Lacy is the president and CEO of LINK nky. Email her at [email protected]

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Inside LINK is a weekly column from our CEO, Lacy Starling. If you have questions you’d like Lacy to answer, email her at [email protected].

About a month ago, I wrote in this space about our search for a new office. It is hard for me to believe that a month has already passed since the “For Lease” sign went up in the window of our old office, but I’m happy to say that in that brief period, we’ve signed the lease on a new space, moved, and are completely settled in.

Our new home is now at 31 Innovation Alley (still in Covington.) If you are looking for us, we’re actually in the alley, right behind Mother of God church between Russell and Washington streets.

Our old sign, above our new front door. Photo by Mark Collier | LINK nky COO

We couldn’t be happier in our new space – it’s light, it’s bright, and most importantly, we all have desks now. It is amazing how much bigger our organization feels, just with enough seats for all our full-time staff, and a few extra for contributors who want to plop down and work for a while.

We even have a full-size refrigerator, which is how you know you’ve really arrived in the startup world.

Just one section of our fabulous new office. Photo by Alecia Ricker | LINK nky contributor

However, it isn’t just the new space that’s making us feel great – it’s also the new faces. We’ve added three people to our reporting staff, and one to our sales staff, just in the last month. Our team is growing and nothing thrills me more than when most of the seats in our big new office are full.

I’d like to introduce them to you, now:

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Pete Glassmeyer has joined our sales team as an account executive. He’s a University of Cincinnati grad who majored in electronic media, and in addition to working at LINK, he’s the lead singer, producer, and manager of the band Collaborative, Etc.

Nazario Pangallo is our first-ever high school intern. A student at Beechwood High School with a strong interest in journalism, Nazario joins us several afternoons a week, after his classes are finished for the day. He’s already churned out dozens of stories, and it working on several more about his school, and community.

Speaking of interns, Grace Tierney is our first-ever college intern. She comes to us from UC, having graduated in August with a degree in journalism and a certificate in political and public affairs. She may be an intern, but she’s with us full-time and is cranking out stories faster than we can edit them at this point.

And finally, we have found our new Boone County reporter, Alexia Dolan. A native of Boone County, Alexia graduated from Ryle High School and is finishing her degree in journalism with a minor in psychology (which should come in hand in our office) at UC this fall. She’ll be part-time with us until she graduates, when she’ll fully take over the beat.

And before anyone freaks out, Kaitlin Gebby isn’t going anywhere. She’s taken a promotion to be our new Print Editor – more on that in the coming weeks.

These new reporters and salespeople are rounding out our already fantastic, highly-skilled staff. We are so grateful for the support the Northern Kentucky community has shown us, that has allowed us to grow so quickly.

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Keep following this space, though, for more announcements – next week is a BIG one.

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