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Lacy Starling
Lacy Starling
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Inside LINK is a weekly column from our CEO, Lacy Starling. If you have questions you’d like Lacy to answer, email her at [email protected].

The news is serious business. We write about serious issues, we tackle serious problems, and we are generally serious people.

But sometimes, we get to cover a story that’s not so serious, and it has ripple effects out into the community. Or in this case, the very small community of our office.

Back in June, our reporter Haley Parnell wrote a story about the need for kitten foster parents at the Kenton County Animal Shelter. It was a quick story about an area of need in the community, but it has had big effects in our organization.

My husband and daughter, devoted readers of LINK, saw the story and immediately started a campaign for us to become a kitten foster family. After six weeks of wheedling and our return from summer vacation, I relented, and they brought home a skeletal former stray mama cat and her five kittens.

Yes, you read that right. I went from zero cats to six cats in one afternoon. For the past seven weeks, we’ve been caring for those cats, and it has been wonderful. Thinking about that poor mama cat—who was terribly sick when we got her, much to the detriment of my guest room bedding and flooring—and her five tiny kittens living in the shelter until they were old enough to be adopted makes me tear up.

How could I say no to a whole bowlful of kittens? Photo by Lacy Starling | LINK nky

But it didn’t stop with me and my new, temporary brood. Cat fever swept the office.

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Haley herself ended up at the Purrfect Day Cat Cafe in Covington—where my kittens will go when they are old enough to be adopted—and found the “purrfect” little sister for the cat she already owned. (Couldn’t resist, folks.)

LINK Reporter Haley Parnell’s new kitten, Stormy. Photo by Haley Parnell | LINK nky

And finally, because things happen in threes, our Chief Content Officer and person who swore he’d never get a cat ever ever ever…got a cat. Michael also ended up at the Purrfect Day Cat Cafe and vibed so strongly with one feline that he just had to bring him home.

After he allowed his cat to participate in one last cat yoga class, of course.

All this cat mania, the result of one story by one reporter on our staff, helped remind me that the work we do in the community may not always seem earth-shattering. There are times, certainly, when we report on huge issues and that reporting spurs action. But there are also times when a story results in eight cats (and their humans) having better lives.

And I think both kinds of stories are important to our community.

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