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I wrote about the food offered on part of Dixie Highway earlier this year in my hometown, Fort Mitchell. Since Dixie Highway runs the gamut of Northern Kentucky, I got on the highway again and headed to Park Hills. 

Park Hills has become one of the most popular cities in recent years. With a location close to downtown Covington and Cincinnati, while also a short drive from other hubs of Northern Kentucky, it’s truly one of the best. 

For years, the businesses here were staples to the people of Park Hills. As the region expands, these spots are becoming staples in the hearts of those beyond Park Hills’ limits.

So, if you find yourself passing through or in need of a new stop in the old routine, these are the must-visit eateries of the city for Dixie Highway travelers. 

Reality Tuesday Café: 1518 Dixie Highway, Park Hills

Reality Tuesday has my favorite coffee of all time. I’ve mentioned them in a college edition of Streetscapes, but they deserve a second shout-out as they carry some of the tastiest treats and morning brews around. 

My go-to order here is always a vanilla iced coffee. They carry pebble ice, which any cold beverage connoisseur knows is the elite ice form. 

Although my favorite drinks here are all coffee-based, they are regionally famous for the best chai tea. It’s a great option for non-coffee drinkers, and worth the cult following it has earned. 

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If you need a treat with your tea time, Reality Tuesday’s pastries are always decadent and worth the extra indulgence. This shop’s scones and muffins are half the reason I love to visit, and it’s a personal family favorite for treats on special occasions. 

Reality Tuesday goes beyond snack-size treats to specialize in cakes, pies and cheesecakes as well, available to order ahead for events or just because. 

The café also has a small breakfast and lunch menu of sandwiches, salads and soups – each freshly made and the perfect way to curb a hangry mood.

A grilled chicken sandwich is delivered to a guest at Reality Tuesday’s cafe in Park Hills. Photo by Kaitlin Gebby | LINK nky

This is a place I visit often, and I have never been disappointed in either the service or the coffee. Traci, the owner, seems to know everyone who walks through her door and it’s clear that she instills positivity and kindness in all of her employees. 

Honestly, what more could you ask for in a hometown coffee shop and bakery? 

Finke’s Pub: 1458 Dixie Highway, Park Hills

Hole-in-the-wall bars are so underappreciated. 

When I was young, fun and frequented bars, my friends always wanted to go to the major bar scenes in Cincinnati. Maybe even in my early 20s, I was an old soul, but I hated going to Cincinnati for a drink. The places were crowded, loud, and  parking is impossible. Taking an Uber from NKY costs more than the drinks, too. 

I was first brought to Finke’s Pub by my cousin. Recognized by the bartender, he grabbed her a Bud Light as soon as she walked in. The drinks were cold and all under $5, which is what it should be at a bar. They have your typical bar games like darts, and professional and college sports on every TV. 

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The patio offers a space for those more interested in the company than what’s on television. Finke’s Pub is the spot where friends meet, and someone says, “The next round’s on me.” 

There are no other bars within walking distance, so it’s not a place for bar hopping. I’ve never enjoyed going from place to place for overpriced drinks with a copy-and-paste atmosphere. I’d much rather spend the night in one spot with good company.

Yolo Fitness: 1516 Dixie Highway, Park Hills

Streetscapes doesn’t normally feature stops beyond food and drink hubs, but with the festive season fast approaching, we get the sense that readers may be craving a chance to keep the extra holiday helpings from expanding their waistlines. 

The classes are all circuit, bootcamp-style, mixing strength and cardio for maximum gains. 

A punching bag hang from the ceiling at Yolo Fitness. Photo by Kaitlin Gebby | LINK nky

The classes cap out at 14, so you still get an individualized approach either way. If you’re like me and don’t love a group environment, it’s a great way to start on a fitness journey and you’ll be happy you chose this encouraging studio to do so. 

Whether you’re passing through Park Hills or making a planned stop, these are places that you have to check out – each of them offering a glimpse into the fabric of the Park Hills community and each worth visiting time and time again.
Have a city, street, or business you want me to check out next? Email me at [email protected] and it could be featured on the next installment of LINK streetscapes.

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