Robotics team gears up for competition with Swerve Drive

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PiBotics’ first robotics competition is about way more than just robots.

Yes, they design, build, and program commercial-sized robots, but they also build field elements on a basketball court-sized arena to simulate actual gameplay, plan game strategy, fundraise, create marketing materials and research other teams to plan for competitions.

One of the new things they are working on this season is a new drive train known as Swerve Drive.

“The Swerve Drive will allow our robot to move much faster, even omnidirectionally,” members of the PiBotics team told LINK nky in an email. “The robot element we are currently working on is a robot arm, made to pick up and set down the game pieces for this season, cones and cubes.”

Their field group is also building a 1:1 copy of the field they will experience at real competitions, giving them an accurate representation of the game when they practice.

“On the programming side, we are currently making programs to allow our robot to drive fully autonomously, which is a required element in all FRC games,” the team said. 

In order for the experience of the team to be free, a few of their students are reaching out regarding sponsorships to encourage and promote the continued success of the PiBotics team.

Their next event will show off all of the best teams in the state. From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Feb. 4, individuals can see the PiBotics’ newest and best endeavors at the Kentucky FLL Championship at NKU.

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