Robot battle to be held in NKY this weekend

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The first-ever student robot LEGO League competition is coming to Northern Kentucky this weekend.

After months of preparation, local elementary and middle school teams will compete at St. Pius X school in Edgewood. Twenty-two teams, all with their own robots hoping to win a spot in the state championships, will be competing.

PiBotics FRC Team 3814, a student robotics organization based out of the IGNITE Institute, has been working with St. Pius X School to host this NKY regional qualifying tournament for the state championship.

The robots battle on a four-foot by eight-foot table and are judged on design, core values and innovation. The competition will be held Saturday, Dec. 10 from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at St. Pius X.

PiBotics said their team, which is made up of Boone County students, has been instrumental in organizing this competition and that they are very happy to play a mentorship role for younger students. The team became international champions in May during the VEX World Robotics Championship in Dallas, Texas.

Madison, a senior at IGNITE Institute said she is looking forward to working with “kids enjoying STEM activities at such a young age. It’s amazing to see just how much they can accomplish when they put their minds to it.”

Another student at the IGNITE Institute told LINK nky about the rewarding opportunities for growth that lies within this program.

“PiBotics has given me the opportunity to join a community full of great people, mentors and students alike,” said Donovan, a junior at IGNITE. “I have made family and friends with people that I want to work with.”

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After this event, the club’s own robotics competitions will begin in Spring 2023.

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