Some may soon see sewer bill drop, while others will see increase, SD1 says about new rates

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Sanitation District 1, the state agency responsible for sewage and water sanitation services in the region, voted to set its rates for the 2024 fiscal year last week, according to a press release from the agency.

“All stormwater customers will see a 5 percent reduction in the stormwater management fee,” the statement reads.

Monthly stormwater bills will drop from $4.54 to $4.31 per residential unit, while quarterly nonresidential bills will see a drop from $13.62 to $12.93, according to SD1.

“SD1 charges a base rate for the first 2 hundred cubic feet (HCF) of wastewater treated and a variable rate for each additional HCF,” the release goes on to say. “As the base rate increases, the variable rate decreases.”

This means, the company said, that some customers will see their sanitary sewer bill increase while others will see their bill decrease.

“The base rate will increase from $26 to $30 per month in fiscal year 2024, and the variable rate will decrease from $4.72 per HCF to $4.18 per HCF. The environmental surcharge, which helps fund SD1’s Clean H2O40 sewer overflow mitigation program, will remain $8 per month.”

These rate changes will take effect on July 1. For more details, read the full release at SD1’s website.

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