Longtime Southgate council member honored at last city council meeting

Haley Parnell
Haley Parnell
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Thursday, Dec. 8, 2022, has been declared Chris Robisch day in the City of Southgate. Robisch, who served the city for the last 22 years, was honored at his last meeting as a council member earlier this month.

Robisch was honored at the Dec. 7 council meeting with a citation of appreciation from the House of Representatives Commonwealth of Kentucky, a citation of achievement from the Campbell County Fiscal Court, and a proclamation from the City of Southgate.

Robisch has served as a council member, liaison for the park and tree board, recreation and public building committees, and the Beverly Hills Memorial Committee for the city.

Southgate Mayor Jim Hamberg said that some of Robisch’s most notable achievements were working on the construction of the Southgate Volunteer Fire Department, helping to develop the current city logo, and forging the Beverly Hills memorial.

“I am proud of the accomplishments that I’ve had…our centennial was one of the big things I projected, along with the firehouse,” Robisch said. “The city building renovation, and probably the most inspirational, was the Beverly Hills Memorial. No one has seen it except for council member Anderson and me within the city.”

Hamberg said Robisch will always be remembered as dependable and willing to help with any assignment, even if he wasn’t fond of what he was being assigned to do, he joked.

“Chris Robisch has always given input on virtually every project, decision, zoning idea, finance question, budget, and discussion of personnel and legality involving the City of Southgate,” Hamberg said.

Robisch thanked the Southgate citizens, the mayor, and city staff for rallying around him over the past two decades.

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“The staff that we presently have is probably the best in the 22 years that I’ve served on council,” Robisch said. “They’re very mindful of your tax money and spending and saving your money. All of you make the city of Southgate a better place, and I hope that I helped along the way.”

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