The Kentucky Side with Michael Monks: NKY in the Year 2037

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There is no question that the Northern Kentucky of today looks a lot different than the one from 2007. Covington and the urban core are in the midst of a resurgence, development around the airport and its related industries continues to skyrocket, and the Northern Kentucky University athletics program is an NCAA Division I competitor.

Those are just some examples of success.

There are also challenges: the cost to rent or buy a home is out of reach for many people here now, some public school districts face ongoing struggles to achieve desired academic results, and fractured local governments slow the pace of needed infrastructure like regional recreation opportunities.

Now think about Northern Kentucky fifteen years from now, in the year 2037. Will there be improvement, regression, status quo?

Dr. Christopher Rice, a “futurist”, will speak on the topic at the OneNKY Summit Series on Oct. 26.  Find out more about the event, which is open to the public, here.

Rice joined The Kentucky Side to talk about his work as a futurist, and Northern Kentucky in this episode.

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