Boone County parents will have live view of buses with new app

Kaitlin Gebby
Kaitlin Gebby
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Bus pickups and drop-offs have been unpredictable due to inclement weather, bus breakdowns and driver shortages, but Boone County Schools is hoping to fix that with a new service for parents.

Boone County Schools announced an investment in MyView, an app GPS system that aims to resolve some of these problems by showing parents a live view of where the school bus is. 

“MyView provides our parents accurate real-time locations of their child’s school bus. This is a next-generation app providing parents real-time bus location information and alerts. So, if the bus is going to be early or late–you know ahead of time because you can check the app and it will show you exactly where the bus is located,” Community Relations Coordinator Barbara Cain-Brady said in a press release. 

The MyView app goes live this week in Boone County Schools. 

This isn’t the first move the school district has made to alleviate its transportation problems. Over the summer, Boone County Schools hosted an open house for its transportation department in an effort to fill more than 70 open positions. While some of those positions have since been filled, district officials said training those drivers takes time before they can join the fleet. 

During the July open house, Bob Barrix, director of transportation for Boone County Schools, said they take around 85% of the district’s 21,000 students to and from school daily. Even with a full staff, Barrix said up to 8% of drivers call in sick on a daily basis, meaning between 23 and 25 routes need a substitute. Combine that with a bus driver shortage, and Barrix said that’s how buses run late by 30 minutes or more.

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He said the deck gets shuffled again around 1 p.m. for afternoon bus rides. During the shortage, he said drivers will have to drive double, sometimes triple routes to get kids home safely, causing delays.

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