Boone County Republican Party censures Secretary of State Michael Adams

Mark Payne
Mark Payne
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The Boone County Republican Party passed a resolution to censure Secretary of State Michael Adams.

The resolution is largely symbolic, with the Jessamine County Republican Party recently issuing a similar resolution against Sen. Mitch McConnell for his vote on a gun safety bill. The Hart County Republican Party also recently censured Secretary Adams.

“The BCRP believes that Secretary of State Michal Adams, a high-ranking Republican officeholder, has publicly disparaged Republican candidates, has deliberately shirked his duties under the law, and abused the public trust in order to validate his own personal interests and Beliefs,” the group said in a statement.

One of the tenets of the resolution involves Bridgette Ehly. She lost a Republican primary election to House Speaker David Osborne (R-Prospect) by roughly 68 to 32 percent and then sought relief from the courts. Her case was dismissed after she posted a petition bond of nearly $22,000.

“I have the most conservative record of any Secretary of State in America,” Adams said to LINK nky. “While they’re passing resolutions, I’m leading, implementing Photo ID to Vote, and cleaning up our voter rolls.”

Adams has been outspoken against the Republican candidates that have challenged their election losses despite losing by wide margins, including in Campbell County, where Senate District 24 candidate Jessica Neal lost her primary election by roughly three percent to Shelley Funke Frommeyer. Neal will have her petition bond hearing on July 28.

“A judge in Oldham County has twice ruled that the recount case cited in the resolution is out of order and must be dismissed,” said Michon Lindstrom, the director of Communications for Sec. Adams. “Other judges around the state have ruled likewise in other recount petitions filed by candidates who lost by landslides. The Secretary of State and judges know more about election law than the authors of this resolution.”

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