Logistics company snags last, largest building in Walton’s industrial park

Kaitlin Gebby
Kaitlin Gebby
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A logistics company has signed a lease for more than 1 million square feet of space in Walton. 

Commonwealth Inc., based in St. Bernard, Ohio, is a third-party logistics company of around 80 employees. The group signed a long-term lease for IDI Logistics’ Park South B building in Walton, which holds nearly 1.1 million square feet of space. Located at 61 Logistics Blvd. in Boone County, the lease takes IDI’s largest building off the market and more than doubles the space in Commonwealth’s portfolio.

Brent Collins, president and CEO of Commonwealth Inc., a logistics company in St. Bernard, Ohio. Photo provided by Commonwealth Inc.

Brent Collins, president and CEO of Commonwealth, said his company sought out the space for a client requiring a food-grade facility. The logistics company typically works with food and beverage brands, paper products, and chemical manufacturers. 

While Collins is unable to disclose who the space is for, he said some recognizable names Commonwealth works with include Procter & Gamble, as well as Boston Beer Company, which manufactures the Sam Adams brand and a number of other adult beverages. 

Collins said the space was so large that Commonwealth is planning to work with up to three clients who require a food-safe warehouse. The expansion will add at least 20 jobs to the payroll at the logistics firm. 

The sale of the large space was the last and largest building available in the industrial park. Collins said work is already underway in the expansive facility, noting the lease was struck in May and Commonwealth gained occupancy in June. 

The next step is hiring a team. Commonwealth is looking to hire material handlers, customer service representatives, as well as experienced warehouse managers and supervisors. 

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