Assisted living community eyes Union for next location

This rendering shows an example of a Provision Living assisted living facility for elderly residents.

A 33-acre assisted living complex is in its early stages of development in Boone County. 

St. Louis-based Provision Living’s proposal will change the piece of land at Richwood Road, Davis Lane and Grand National Boulevard into a multi-purpose community. 

The proposal summary explains that Provision Living is planning to build an assisted living facility, an independent living facility, independent living villas, future commercial development and public access to the nearby historic cemetery there now. 

The development was recently discussed during the Boone County Zoning Committee meeting, which is among the first steps in the development process. 

Provision Living owns 17 other assisted living properties in Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Tennessee, meaning Union’s development could be the first location in Kentucky. Dave Baylis, a principal owner of Provision Living, said projects of this size typically take 15 to 16 months to build. 

The assisted living facility will feature 92 units, and Baylis said the units beyond that will be built and expanded as interest grows. In total, the complex will add around 125 jobs to the community, Baylis said. At this stage in the project, the developers are looking to Union and the Boone County community for feedback on the project. 

“We’ll phase this because while we believe we know what the community wants, it’s also important to offer our services, see how they’re received, and adjust as we go,” Baylis said.

Brent Cooper, president and CEO of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, said this development plays an important role in the community’s quality of life equation. 

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“independent living, assisted living, memory care, those are all needs in a community that’s growing and thriving,” Cooper said. “So we’ve got a need for more childcare and we’ve got a need for more care for our elderly populations … along with parks and trails and those kinds of amenities for families to live, work, play.” 

Cooper and Baylis pointed out that Boone County has an aging population, creating an increasing need for assisted living options. According to 2020 Census data, more than 11,000 of Boone County residents were 65 and older, making up more than 8% of the county population. 

A final proposal for the development and zoning changes will go to a vote at the April 12 Boone County Fiscal Court meeting.