Mayor praises residents for high voter turnout in Crestview Hills

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Crestview Hills Mayor Paul Meier praised residents for voter turnout at Thursday’s city council meeting, but he said he hopes the number will be even higher next year.

Almost 48% of the city turned out to vote, compared to 34.7% of those in Kenton County and 38% statewide.

“I hope that we can improve that number going forward,” Meier said. “My whole goal has always been 50%. We have not hit yet; I think last year we got to 48%.”

Meier said he thinks the senior population of the city plays a role in their high turnout and hopes to get more younger people to the polls in order to get the turnout number up.

“One thing that I think the county and the state has done is allow people now to go vote [in] any voting area and vote in any spot,” Meier said. “So, if you work in Covington, you don’t have to come all the way out here.”

The mayor thanked those who worked the polls, as well as residents who voted for their participation in this year’s election and said he looks forward to seeing it progress.

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