Internal poll shows Massie with commanding primary lead

Rep. Thomas Massie stumps at the Covington Optimist Club at PeeWee's Place in Crescent Springs. Photo by Mark Payne | LINK nky

An internal poll from Rep. Thomas Massie’s campaign shows that the Republican incumbent in the 4th Congressional district has a massive lead over his opponents in the primary. 

The poll shows that Massie is polling at 66 percent, while his closest opponent, Claire Wirth, is polling at nine percent. George Foking Washington is at four percent, and Alyssa Dara McDowell is at two percent. 

Despite the commanding lead, Massie has been campaigning quite hard in the district. In April, he participated in a Zoom Primary Debate while also attending several Lincoln/Reagan Dinners throughout the district and an event at the Covington Optimist Club.  

“We aren’t taking it for granted,” Massie said last month to LINK nky. He elaborated that he has new ground to cover due to redistricting, including Nelson County, where he recently stumped. 

Over recent months, Massie’s opponents have criticized him for some of his votes. Most recently, his Democratic opponent, Matthew Lehman, criticized Massie for voting against the Asset Seizure for Ukraine Reconstruction Act, which is a symbolic bill that called on President Joe Biden to seize already frozen assets of oligarchs connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

“Extremism is extremism, regardless of party,” Lehman said. “Kentuckians support Ukrainians fighting for their lives and for their communities. The United States will seize ill-gotten assets of Russian oligarchs to help fund Ukraine’s defense. Kentucky will do its part to remove the extremist Thomas Massie from office this November.” 

Massie said he voted against the bill because he didn’t want to give President Biden that much power. 

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“Giving Joe Biden unilateral authority to seize property in the United States without any due process sets a dangerous and disturbing precedent,” Massie said. 

The poll was conducted by Robert Blizzard of Public Opinion Strategies. A total of 300 Republican primary voters were interviewed from April 28 to May 1.