Old Soul Creatives brings ‘modern-retro functional art’ to Southgate

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Natalie Mairose describes herself as an old soul, so when her Elton John record broke during the COVID-19 lockdown, she used her time to make it into a scrapbook, paving the way for her brand new store, Old Soul Creatives.

Her store at 2304 Alexandria Pike in Southgate is so new that it has been open just three days.

Old Soul Creatives focuses on what Mairose describes as “modern-retro functional art.” She hates the word “furniture.” Inside, you can find everyday objects turned into retro products, from guitars turned shelves and guitar pick earrings to record wine bottle holders.

Record wine bottle holders. Photo provided | Natalie Mairose

“I want people to come into the store and hang out,” Mairose said. “I want to be able to show people what they can really do with these everyday objects.”

She recently wanted to get even more versatile and began getting into photography, copper pipping, graphic design services and even soldering.

Just like that Elton John record, Mairose can take any record that may not play anymore and, with a little bit of seal, wax and old soul touch, it can be born again into a unique piece of art.

Repurposed guitar shelf. Photo provided | Natalie Mairose
Guitar pick earrings. Photo provided | Natalie Mairose

“My most popular reimagined products are the custom-crafted vinyl record stands,” Mairose said. “They are decorative, retro-styled stands with vinyl records for tops and wooden bases under each record for support. They are commonly used as plant stands for smaller plants and as small side tables, but can be used in many ways if you use your imagination.”

Mairose also takes custom orders on other objects that deserve that modern-retro revival.

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See more examples of these products and other Old Soul products by visiting the “reimagined” page.

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