New Riff highlights first floor renovations at grand opening party

Kenton Hornbeck
Kenton Hornbeck
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One of Northern Kentucky’s largest distilleries showcased their recently renovated first floor to excited members of the public.

Newport’s New Riff Distilling was founded in 2014 by spirits entrepreneur Ken Lewis. Since the distillery’s construction, it hadn’t undergone any significant physical alterations. Chief Operating Officer Hannah Lowen told LINK nky last week that as the distillery became a more popular tourist attraction, their first-floor space would often get overcrowded.

“As our reputation has grown, there’s more tourists in the area coming to Northern Kentucky,” Lowen said. “On a Saturday, if you were in here and you’re trying to buy a bottle or get a drink or go on a tour, it was really crowded. We knew we needed to update what we were doing.”

In March, New Riff kicked off a $3 million renovation project that would transform both their first and third floors. Their first floor gift shop and tasting bar would be overhauled with the goal being to create a unique and welcoming environment for spirits tourists upon entering the distillery.

On Saturday, New Riff hosted a grand opening that officially unveiled their upgraded gift shop, outdoor patio and new tasting bar. The larger gift shop and offers exclusive bottles, as well as shirts, hats, stickers, ornaments and more. Anything Airbrushed Plus was on hand creating air brushed t-shirts while award-winning food truck Red Sesame served Korean sliders.

LINK nky photographer Abigail Shoyat was on hand to capture the grand opening festivities.

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