Ludlow grad’s Marvel comic book gets show on Disney

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David Mack, graduate of Ludlow High School in 1990, co-wrote the Marvel comic “Echo”, which will be turned into a Disney Plus exclusive show this November.

Writer and producer Marion Dayre, known for shows like “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Better Call Saul,” will produce it. Echo will be the 10th television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Marvel Studios. 

During his time in Kentucky, Mack wrote and acted in many plays as a student at Ludlow High School. His devotion to art landed him a four-year scholarship at age 17 to Northern Kentucky University despite no formal art school training. 

He was a multidisciplinary major in college, focusing on Japanese, art, and creative writing and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. His New York Times bestselling comic book series, “Kabuki”, was his senior thesis. He returned to Ludlow High School as the commencement speaker in 2003. 

As a lover of drawing, painting, and storytelling from early childhood, Mack decided comic books and graphic novels were the perfect blend of his skills. 

“For me, the comic book or graphic novel was a format that could really encompass anything, and it was just a really free and fertile format for me to work in,” he said in an interview with Brandon Barb of The Northerner. 

Mack’s accolades are significant. He’s been nominated for an Emmy for Marvel’s TV series “Jessica Jones’” opening titles and for three Will Eisner Awards for the graphic novel “Cover,” for Best Graphic Novel, Best Cover Artist, and Best Painter. He’s a New York Times bestselling author and artist of “Kabuki,” which he’s currently working on turning into a TV series.

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Mack also lays claim to the Inkpot Award for Achievements in Comic Book Art and is credited with artwork on books by big-name authors such as Neil Gaiman and Chuck Palanik. He’s authored a children’s book called “The Shy Creatures” and did artwork on a Paul McCartney album.

The list of his award nominations and accomplishments goes on, ranging from his work being in a Philadelphia museum to being required reading in graduate courses in Art and Literature. 

The “Echo” series revolves around hearing-impaired Native American character, Maya Lopez, who must face her past to move forward. In the upcoming Disney Plus show, Echo will be played by Alaqua Cox.

Mack is currently raising money through Kickstarter with fellow artist Alex Maleev to produce a Marvel-licensed two-volume book collection of their artwork, called The Marvel Art of David Mack and Alex Maleev.

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