First Point-Pickle Pickleball championship this Sunday

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Sixteen teams will vie for the championship at the First Annual Point-Pickle Pickleball Tournament Scheduled for Sunday at The Five Seasons Family Sports Club at 345 Thomas More Parkway in Crestview Hills.

“We have a full contingent of teams, with top competition,” said Paul Gerwe, chairman of the Event. “We’ll see some top battles with players of all ages.”

The Point-Pickle Pickleball Tournament is another event in the ongoing 50th anniversary celebration for the nonprofit Point/Arc in Covington.

“We thought a pickleball tournament would not only create great interest, with the popularity of the sport,” said Judi Gerding, founder and president of the Point/Arc, “but we think we’ll attract an entirely new audience for our mission.”

The Point/Arc was founded in 1972 by a group of parents fighting for the educational rights of their children, who were diagnosed with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

The event will start at 1 pm.

Admission for spectators is free. Refreshments and prizes will be available. A trophy presentation is set for the winners.

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