Union announces second annual photo contest

Kaitlin Gebby
Kaitlin Gebby
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The City of Union is hosting a photo contest to see who can capture the city’s small town charm.

The city announced its annual photo contest via Twitter on Monday, telling photographers they have until Oct. 31 to submit their photos. Submissions don’t have to be taken by residents of Union, but the photos themselves need to be taken within city limits. A map of Union was provided for guidance. 

Winners will be announced on Nov. 14. First, second and third place winners will receive a $100, $50, and $25 gift card, respectively, to the restaurant of their choice. Submissions can be sent to Amy Safran via email at [email protected]

The Union city commission will choose winners from a collection of submissions. Previous contest winners have their photos on display in the Union City Building, located at 1843 Bristow Drive. Their photos are also shared on social media by Union. 

This is the second year of the contest. Below are the first, second and third place winners from the 2021 photo contest. 

1st Place: Michelle Svec, “Glorious Sunrise” (2021)
2nd Place: Terri Poe, “History Lost” (2021)
3rd Place: Parker Wyatt, “Path to Union” (2021)

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