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As much fun as the river cities can be, many of us are pulled to other Northern Kentucky areas like Hebron. Whether it’s a fun outing or an appointment, visiting an unfamiliar area – even one close to home – can be overwhelming. People often visit familiar favorite chains when visiting parts unknown, so to break up the monotony, these locally owned and operated businesses have you covered for every meal. For this Streetscapes, we head to North Bend Road in Hebron. 

Paradise Donuts

Some days, we can all use a little extra pep in our step, and what’s better than a donut and coffee to jumpstart the day? Paradise Donuts has everything guests can dream of when it comes to donuts. Classic glazed, sugary iced and decadent cake donuts create the perfect variety to make up a dozen to bring in for co-workers.

For those looking for an extra sweet treat, Paradise also creates gourmet donuts, fruit-filled ones for summer treats or long johns topped with bacon. 

The eatery also has a new coffee menu that includes frappes, espresso-based drinks, drip coffee and iced coffee. Drinks can be customized with various milks and flavorings, including unusal ones like cinnamon bun. For a donut shop, the coffee bar is impressive in both offerings and quality. Its signature drink, Paradise Latte, combines white chocolate and raspberry for a balanced, semi-sweet drink that pairs perfectly with any donut. 

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For those who don’t drink coffee, or who just want something less sweet, Paradise also has smoothies and refreshers.

Paradise Donuts is open until sell-out, so be sure to stop in early. 

Hebron Grille

Family-owned, Southern hom- cooking restaurants rarely disappoint. Hebron Grille is no exception.

 The restaurant serves a variety of classic bar dishes with unique twists. Instead of fried pickles, for example, it serves fried pickle fries. For those looking for even more unique offerings, gator bites and gumbo are great starters.

 ample menu covers the gambit with burger, sandwich and taco categories, each with plenty of Southern-inspired dishes. However, the true star of the menu is the Southern Specialties section. Hot honey chicken, Grandma’s meatloaf and Southern-fried catfish will have guests thinking their own grandma is in the kitchen cooking. Each comes with traditional Southern sides, from mashed potatoes to green beans to peanut slaw.

Guests may not have room for dessert, but for those that need a sweet treat after a meal, Hebron Grille’s crisps and bread pudding will be the best ending to the Southern dining experience. 

Outside of the dining room options, the restaurant has a vast bar menu and plenty of TVs so diners can keep up with every game. 

Strong’s Brick Oven Pizza

The first Strong’s location opened in Newport, and since then every neighborhood in NKY has wanted a slice.

Strong’s now has four locations in NKY, with the Hebron location being its newest. What sets the place’s pizza apart from any other pizza joint is its old-school Italian approach. Each pizza’s base includes homemade sauce and sliced mozzarella, finished in an Italian brick oven.

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Classic Margherita and pizza alla vodka – with vodka cream sauce, mozzarella, seasoned mushrooms, spinach and prosciutto – will give guests a true taste of Italy. For guests wanting something spicy, the hot and spicy – with buffalo sauce, mozzarella, jalapenos, bacon and Grippos BBQ chips – is anything but ordinary.

Each pizza comes out of the brick oven cooked to perfection, with a slight char to create the perfect crunch. 

Along with pizza, Strong’s serves other Italian classics like bruschetta, antipasto and walking cannolis. Not-so-Italian sides like wings, fries and salad are great additions when dining with a large group. Strong’s has a full-service bar, so guests can order wine for a truly Tuscan experience. 

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What to Know If You Go

Paradise Donuts

Location: 2091 North Bend Road, Suite 120
Hours: Wednesday through Friday, 6 a.m.-noon or sell-out; Saturday and Sunday, 7 a.m.-noon or sell-out; Monday and Tuesday, closed 

Phone: 859-484-8283

Hebron Grille

Location: 1960 North Bend Road

Hours: Sunday, 11 a.m.-8 p.m.; Monday through Wednesday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Thursday through Saturday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.


Phone: 859-586-0473

Strong’s Brick Oven Pizza

Location: 1990 North Bend Road

Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Monday, closed 

Website: https://www.strongsbrickovenpizza.comPhone: 859-586-6836

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