Wilder Mellow Mushroom to serve up new Cincinnati chili pizza

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Written by Molly Schramm for WCPO

Skyline Chili is a staple of Cincinnati, and now tried-and-true Cincinnatians can indulge in the delicacy atop pizza.

Mellow Mushroom is serving up “The Cincy Pizza” — thank you Mellow Mushroom for using a “y” instead of an “i” — for a limited time.

The Cincy Pizza includes a Skyline chili base, mozzarella cheese, slices of all-beef hot dogs, onions, drizzles of hot sauce and mustard, more finely shredded cheese and, of course, oyster crackers.

The Queen City-inspired pizza will be available at Mellow Mushroom’s West Chester and Wilder locations. The limited-time pizza is currently not listed on either locations’ online menu.

“We are extremely excited to bring the new Cincy Pizza to our two local restaurants, highlighting the delicious Skyline Chili ingredients known and loved by Cincinnatians,” said Sean Bail, owner of Mellow Mushroom.

Anne Mejia, VP of brand development for Mellow Mushroom, said the restaurant’s menu allows store owners and operators to cater to local tastes with the menu’s “Locals Only” section.

“Cincinnati is known for being one of the best foodie towns in America,” Mejia said. “There’s no better way to celebrate a city that loves Skyline Chili and pizza then with this unique Cincy Pizza!”

Mellow Mushroom first opened in Atlanta in 1974, and currently operates in 19 states.

This story originally appeared at WCPO.com.

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